Summer Sausage was good but now......

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by davemo, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. davemo

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    i am wanting to try my hand at making snack sticks. I do have questions tho and they are as follow. 1. can i make em in my oven all they stuff i have read suggests you either smoke them in a smokehouse or use a dehydrater? I have a dehydrater but not a smokehouse yet i will come spring tho. 2. i want to use the edible collegen casings how hard are these to work with and how do u make the one long stuffed casing into shorter ones ? just cut it in sections AFTER smoking??? hmmm i cant think of any more questions right now altho i am sure i had some............../ ok any thoughts or suggestions please and thanks in advance!!!!!!!! Oh by the way i took some of my summer sausage to work and it got GREAT reviews one guy even wanted to buy a link off me lolol
  2. goat

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    Davemo, I can answer a couple of your questions. I used a smoker so I have no knowledge of using the oven and a dehydrater. Sounds a little iffy to me. The casings are no problem IF you have the correct size stuffing tube for the casings that you are using. There is no problem cutting them to length with a knife. One mistake that I made on my first batch was, I cut all the sticks to length and when I started to vac seal them, I realized that I had cut them an inch too long. I ended up making bags to fit rather than using the pre cut ones. Glad your Summer sausage turned out well.
  3. deejaydebi

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    Dave -

    I've never done sausage in a dehydrator either but I have cooked them in the oven. You have ot be able to program your oven for really low temperatures though. Bread proofing mode works if you have it.

    Do you have a coffee can and a big cardboard box? I smoked sausages that way for years. I drop light and a coffee can or tin pie pan will work as a cold smoker with wood chips.
  4. teacup13

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    i have never done snack sticks but the advice of the others sounds very sound

    as for not having a smoke house or smoker, here's some missouri, not sure where abouts you are exactly though

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