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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sbroom, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I have a mes 40.  I made a batch of summer sausage last night and put it in the smoker at 120 for two hours and them raised it up to 160 for two hours then 175.  This was at 8;00 last night.  It is now 145 and the meat is just now hit 160.  The sausage is in casings and I did use smoke.  Does these temps and time to fix seem right
  2. to be clearer on my post.  It is now 145 in the afternoon
  3. smokinal

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    That seems like an awfully long time. Are you sure your thermometers are accurate? Have you checked them in boiling water?
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    If the SS is at an IT of 160?  Pull it and let it go to bloom at room temp
  5. What size casing did you use? I used a 4"casing to make mortadella and it took a long, long time, I have decided from now on to smoke to an IT of 135 and then poach to an IT of 152, to cut down on processing time
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    That  does seem like a long time

    I hope you caught Nepas post in time
  7. i pulled it and it came out great just seemed like a long time
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    Glad it worked out well, now bring on the Qview [​IMG]

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