Stuffed Pork Loin

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    Restarting a thread here originally started in the wrong section (Grilling Pork)

    Round 3 on the new smoker will be a couple of stuffed pork loins.

    Didn't have time to filet them out, so trying a quick and simple method.

    Took both loins and made a lengthwise cut along the top of the loin.  Cut almost all the way through, but made sure not to cut through the bottom of the loin.  Next, I went along both sides of the loin making similar cuts.  With the three cuts, there's a nice little cavity to stuff.

    After the cavity was made, seasoned each loin and put in the fridge overnight.

    Olive Oil



    Garlic Powder




    Used a simple bread stuffing, and stuffed the cavity until it was flush with the top of the loin.

    A small foil cap to help keep smoke out of the stuffing and keep the moisture in.

    2 hours on the smoker at 240 degrees.  Wrapped in foil and a towel and sat in a cooler for 30 mins to relax.

    Foil cap worked great.  Stuffing stayed very moist and so did the meat.

    Nice, light pink smoke ring

    Overall, it was very good.  Could cut it with a fork with no difficulty.  Smoke flavor was a little heavy though.  I kept a light blue smoke throughout the cooking time with a few short exceptions when adding fuel a couple times.  I'm thinking it may be the oak that's giving it the strong smoke flavor, and I'm going to cut back on that in the mix next time around.
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    Wow that looks really good. I might have to give that a try.
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    Thanks Rookie.  I liked it.

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