Stuffed pork loin. repost

Discussion in 'Pork' started by wutang, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. wutang

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    Here is a repost of a stuffed pork loin from December '08.


    First a pic of my frozen smoker. Got a little defrosting to do. When I started a fire in the fire box I also started a small fire at the very left of the main chamber for defrosting/preheated purposes. Once the smoker was up to temp. I just slid the hot coals from the main chamber into the sfb usin the opening between the two.

    Next a pic of the loin.

    And a pic of my hack job of fileting it out.

    Then took some mince garlic, spread it on then pounded with a meat tenderizer to smash the garlic into the meat and even out the thickness a little.

    Added some spinach and some roasted red peppers.

    Then added some sauteed green peppers, gorgonzola cheese, and mozzerella cheese

    Rolled it back up

    After a couple hours in the smoker along with some abts and some italian sausage for a soup we are making tomorrow.

    Loin is done

    And a pic of it sliced.

    As always, thanks for checking the qview.
  2. grinder

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    Looks great. I'm going to do pork loin stuffed with homemade cranberry dressing, in the near future. Hope it looks as delicious as your loin.
  3. cowgirl

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    Wutang, that's a beautiful pork loin! Thanks for reposting. [​IMG]
  4. carpetride

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    It still looks great! Thanks for reposting.

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