Stuffed Cornish game hens and all the fixens cooked on the #KamadoJoe Big Joe

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by addertooth, May 10, 2015.

  1. Mother's day is here, and I am sure everyone is scrambling for their cooks.  On the Big Joe today is Cornish game hens stuffed with seasoned rice, portabella mushrooms, red/yellow/green bell peppers and sweet onions.  Roasted red potatoes which are prepared with butter, olive oil and KJ vegetable seasoning were sliced up and put on the top rack.  Four ears of corn on the cob were coated with honey, seasoning and butter are resting on the top rack as well. 

    Everything is cooking along nicely at 350 with some light apple wood smoke. 

  2. The hens fresh of the Big Joe.

  3. rmmurray

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    Those are looking awesome. Can't wait to see your plate view.
  4. Final plated money-shot of the meal.  SWMBO fully approved!

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  5. rmmurray

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    Dinner looks great. Points to you!
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  6. That's a great looking meal   [​IMG]

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    Nice [​IMG]  , great looking plate...
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