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Discussion in 'Beef' started by deserttoad, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. deserttoad

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    Since now is the time to find corned beef on sale, I'm planning to attempt my first pastrami this weekend. Going though this forum, I didn't see any real recipes. Seems I should rinse the brisket, pat dry, rub with EVOO, and shake on some pickling spice and old bay for starters. I have a slow internet connection, so I didn't read through all the pages. If anyone could please post an actual recipe or provide more tips, I'd sure appreciate it.

    And I see temps anywhere from 165 to 205, perhaps 190 is a place to settle?

  2. fire it up

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    I pull mine at 170-180, since the meat is brined it is much more tender so you don't need to cook it as long.
    I also prefer to cool the strami after cooking then reheat with steam the next day, the way it is done in Katz's and other delis in NYC but slicing the same day still tastes amazingly good.
    Here is a link to one I did a while back which has a rub that I loved. I cured a brisket for this one but you can obviously skip that step if buying an already corned beef.

    In the rub it calls for coriander and black pepper, I love to toast them and then cool before grinding them up, the toasting gives a wonderful flavor and coriander smells nice and citrusy when toasting.
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    I started with FIU's recipe. The pastrami's I have on right now are pickiling spice, garlic powder, Corriander, and a ton of black pepper! Toasting the pepper and corriander first works great!
  4. q dawg

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    Don't just rinse the CB brisket......soak overnight and change water at least once...otherwise it may come out too salty....

    I've pulled the brisket from the smoker at 190*, wrapped in foil and brought up to 205* in the overnight in the frig. and then slice....

    I just use the following combination of spices on my last one just a week ago.....Corriander, coarse ground black pepper, crushed Juniper Berries (If you have them--optional), olive oil and granulated garlic.....

    Q Dawg...."Good Luck"

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