Starting my 1st reverse flow smoker trailer

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jpbsmoke, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I started my first reverse flow smoker and need some input on the chimney location.i don't know whether to place it dead center out of the end of the tank or towards the back out of the top so it is offset. (If that makes any sense) and will any of this affect the flow or not? This is what I have so far. 120gal propane tank, 22x22x22 fb
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  8. Any input and suggestions would help thanx jon
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  9. ahumadora

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    I would probably make a manifold and place the opening about halfway between the center and top of the tank on the end of the tank.   

    Making a manifold and placing it on the side of the tank is easier as you don't have to deal with the horizontal curve (see photo).     Just be careful if you have meat close to a high velocity point it will burn. i.e:  the rack hard against the chimeny.   I put the exhaust on the side of the tank as I want to mount a parrilla over the firebox in the future.

    My 2 cents 

  10. Thanx for the advice ahumadora. I like the idea. Now do you run the pipe down into the inside of the smoker or mount it flush with the top plate or tank?
  11. Another question I have is about the RF plate. What size pipe should I use for a drain and should I use angle to divide the plate and act as a trough or just make it a solid plate?
  12. ahumadora

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    I use 1 1/4" pipe for the drain.       Depends on what size palet you have to cut it out of.    Do you have someone who can bend it for you?

    I use 3/16" plate to save on weight/ cost and make it 1 piece.
  13. woodyg

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    I also made mine one piece. I borrowed a metal cutting skilsaw and cut about halfway thru on the underside of the plate. Bent real easy that way. Save yourself a lot of welding and grinding? Just a thought. Btw looks great so far!

  14. Thanks woodyg
  17. pcjack

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    Looking great so far. I just built a 120g myself, had the same question about the stack. I ended up putting the FB and the chimney on same end.
    Good luck with your build. My project took about 5 weeks, so if you worked on yours as much as I did, you should be about half way through. :eek:)

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