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Discussion in 'Beef' started by rabbithutch, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. rabbithutch

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    OK, I've read the Bear's thread and I'll follow his process for rubbing and cooking. My roast is 9 lbs.

    I have some questions:
    1) Can I put onions in the bottom of the pan under the rack the roast will be on and cook them down to flavor au jus? If so, when should I put them into the pan? Seems putting them in when the roast goes on will cook the onions away to nothing over the 4-5 hours it will take to reach IT of 135 or so cooking at 235 or so.
    2) How many people should a 9 lb roast serve (weight is with bones still in the roast)?
    3) Do you have any suggestions for me? I plan to cook new potatoes and green beans to serve with the roast. I will have the au jus for dipping plus a remoulade based on sour cream, lite mayo and yogurt with horseradish. I will also serve horseradish cream for those who prefer it. I'm open to all suggestions.

    I'm away from home in Morehead City, NC and will be using my BIL's Wilmington Grill for cooking and smoking the roast. I'm certain the grill will hold temps. I'll use a chip tray for smoke.

  2. I'm gonna follow this as well. I've never had the chance to smoke a rib roast but I'll still soak up all the info on it I can  [​IMG]
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    Bob, how is your vacation going, sounds like you're having a Hoot. Hope so, and get back home safe when you leave.

    Yes, Onions, Carrots and Celery are my go to savory Veggies. IMHO ,I would place them in at the beginning , a bit of liquid in the bottom of the drip pan and let them melt down (you can add lesser cooked Veggies in the Sauce/Gravy).

    You should get 10 to 12 really nice servings from your Roast.

    Toss your Potatoes in the drip pan 1.5 to 2 hrs. before finish and try cooking the Gr. Beans on the smoker till your doneness(I like mine crisp,not burned-with a snap ,just done) then add some chopped Garilc and Grated Parmesan as you plate for the meal.

    Boil and then Smoke some Eggs for Deviled Eggs(with Brown Mustard), goes great with the Beef ; a bit of Mustard pop a Roast needs.[​IMG]

    Have a great meal, have fun and . . .
  4. kathrynn

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    Yummmmm.....I would do the pan thing.  Don't know about the other info. have my attention!

  5. That sounds like an awesome meal!  I'm hoping for lots of Qview on this one  [​IMG]
  6. rabbithutch

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    Thanks for the help, Stan!

    I'm still in NC. I will be cooking the roast on my BIL's Wilmington Grill instead of smoking it. It is a gas grill and holds temp perfectly. I'm probably going to do a high temp start then reduce it and cook it in an aluminum pan with a rack in it. I will certainly try the veg combo and put onions in it too.

    Again thanks for the help. Should be back in Temple this time next week.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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  8. rabbithutch

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    Howdy, All!

    Got back to Texas yesterday and trying to catch up on forums and emails. Have some qview of the rib roast that I will post later. It went well but I was using a gas grill as an oven and a borrowed thermometer that was not as accurate as I would have liked; so the roast was a bit over-done but still quite done - just didn't get any really rare slices like I wanted.

    Thanks for all your help!
  9. rabbithutch

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    Things have been a bit hectic since returning to central Texas. I've had half a dozen medical appointments and about as many treatments with more in the offing but none any too serious. At any rate, I have the time now to report on my standing rib roast adventure when I was visiting in North Carolina.

    Here is the nearly 10 pound roast all rubbed and ready to cook. It cost just a little over a C-note.

    You can see the mirepoix used to catch the drippings and add flavor to the roast.

    This is what I cooked it in.

    It is a Wilmington Grill stainless still barbecue grill. I did not use any smoke because the grill belongs to my BIL and he's very picky about it. I was delighted that he let me use it and wasn't about to smoke it up inside and tick him off.

    Here is the finished roast.

    These new potatoes were dug 2 days before from my brother's garden in Sampson County, NC. I threw them in to roast them with the beef. They didn't quite get done so I nuked them.

    Here you can see the drippings in the mirepoix.

    I strained the juice and used it as a dipping sauce. I also made a horseradish sauce but couldn't get good horseradish and was a bit disappointed.

    I didn't get any money shots of the plated meal. There were 7 other folks waiting to dig in who had no patience for me taking Qview shots. I was lucky to be allowed to remove the ribs before carving and serving. It provided healthy portions for the 8 of us plus leftovers for prime sandwiches several days later, and, of course, I got the cook's bonus of the bones to gnaw.

    Being without my own utensils and cooking devices, I was winging it a bit and got less than optimum results. First, the meat thermometer was not giving me good readings being too low; so the roast got almost to 140° before I removed it to rest. This meant that most of it was a bit overdone to my taste being only slightly pink. It was not WELL DONE (thank goodness) and was plenty juicy. All who partook heaped praise but I know I could have done much better. If I'd only had my Maverick with me.

    Also, not using smoke is something that I regretted but I didn't want to wear out my welcome. My BIL was kind enough to drive across country and take me for a 3 week vacation then bring me back to Texas in this.

    Thanks for looking.
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking roast! Great Job!
  11. Looks good from here  [​IMG]   I'd say you did a fine job with what you had to work with & having to do so under less than ideal circumstances  [​IMG]

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