stainless commercial frdige build

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by wvuarmyeng, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. wvuarmyeng

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    a buddy of mine is giving me a double door stainless fridge. havent seen it yet but he stated it takes 3 guys to move it and it was still heavy. i wanted to get some ideas of what kind of heat to use. i would like to just get it up and running quick this year since rifle season is around the corner and we have a bunch of customers lined up for our specialty meats.

    all the help would be great. i hope to get the fridge this weekend everyone was out of town for bear season this weekend

    thanks in advance guys
  2. wvuarmyeng

    wvuarmyeng Smoke Blower

    I was also thinking of adding a fan to help in the drying process before the heat and smoking begine

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