St. Louis Ribs w/ Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by psax88, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. psax88

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    Good day fellow smoke enthusiasts,

    Just bought an A-Maze-N 12" tube smoker, and am trying out my first smoke with it today! I've decided to go with a big ol' rack of St. Louis ribs. My hope is to have these babies as tender and juicy as a 20 year old girl's you-know-what after she's gone a month without any activity. Okay, perhaps that was going a little far, but that's how excited I am right now!

    Anyways, I'll be updating y'all as the hours go on and the ribs are smoking away. In the meantime, I'll give you guys a breakdown of my rub, with some pre-smoke pictures!

    Big Paul's Rib Rub (Makes enough for 2 racks of ribs):

    1 Cup - Dark Brown Sugar

    1/2 Cup - Paprika

    2-1/2 TBS - Course Black Pepper

    1-1/2 tsp - Chili Powder

    1-1/2 TBS - Garlic Powder

    1-1/2 TBS - Onion Powder

    1 tsp - Cayenne Pepper

    2 TBS - Course Kosher Salt

    Note: It is imperative that you use course ground pepper and salt in order to achieve the optimal texture!

    So, last night I removed the membrane from the ribs, and set them up boney side-up. Then I lathered these babies up with some spicy brown mustard like I was rubbing lotion on a hot babe at the beach. Then sprinkled on the rub on there and let it sit for about 10 mins till the rub was damp. Then I gently flipped the rack over and repeated this step. Once the rub was damp, I wrapped the rack up with foil, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

    Here it is, two 5lb racks that could rival those of Carmen Electra:

    Here's about what they looked like right before wrapping them to soak in those flavors overnight:

    And here they are now, ready to get smoked like a fat bong on a saturday afternoon:

    I'll post some pics in a little while once these bad boys have had a chance to smoke for a bit
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  2. psax88

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    Oh yeah, for those of you wondering I'm using a MES30 for my smoker. I'm loading the wood chip tray with maple chips, and filled the tube smoker with a mix of hickory and cherry pellets.
  3. psax88

    psax88 Fire Starter

    Alright everyone, first update. About 2.5 hours into the smoke, here's the ribs. I'm going to wrap them in a sprayed foil pretty soon. Doing the 3-2-1 method because the lady likes them fall off the bone.

  4. psax88

    psax88 Fire Starter

    Due to the overwhelming response, I felt the need to post the finished product (albeit a bit delayed). They were a huge hit!
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  5. matchew

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    Those things look awesome! I'm sure they tasted the same.
  6. Nice Looking Ribs, Looks Pretty Tasty   [​IMG]

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    You're a Dirty Ole Man , tender as a young Girl's what ? That's supposed to be a Baby's Butt  , and What is a Fat Bong  [​IMG]  . Need to watch you . . .[​IMG]

    Anyhow , your Ribs looked great , Bong or not . . . [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and . . .
  8. psax88

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    Haha sorry for all the vulgarity. Was trying a little too hard to be humorous I suppose. Also, Just want to let the record show that I'm 27 so referencing a 20 year old's unmentionables is slightly less creepy when put into that context (I'm assuming you thought I was like 40 or something).

    I'll be a little less offensive on my future postings.
  9. seenred

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    Tasty lookin ribs...nice job!! Thumbs Up

  10. chef willie

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    fat bong??? ribs, beer, girlz, fallin' off the bone meat.......having flashbacks, where did I leave my lighter.....sighhhhhhhh
  11. Blub blub blub blub, cough cough, bet the ribs were tasty:). Happy smoking.
  12. crazymoon

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    P88, nice looking ribs !!!!
  13. chewmeister

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    Those look great! Nicely done.
  14. scooter-man

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    Some great "Quotes of the Year" going on here, plus good food. I'll leave this one alone.

  15. Nice looking ribs... im younger as well so i completely understand your humor....but not so sure about everyone else

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