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  1. Probably the age old question....but does anyone have a favorite spice rack or organization method for the madness?  Please share.
  2. foamheart

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    This is what I use, of course nearly all my spice bottles are McCormick and fit easily. Its in the cabinet so I can whirling it around to get whatever I need. Oh there are a load of stuff like Tabasco, Louisiana hot sauce, uncle petes, tiger sauce, etc etc etc..... They don't fit on it. But I do the lower platform with the large McCormick jars and I stack doubles on the top.

    Lazy susan so it spins and you can easily make use of a dead corner with it.

  3. jgibb

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    I'm glad you asked that question! I am working on a solution myself. We are redoing my kitchen and I am going to have an area devoted to my baking stuff and smoking stuff. One special lower cabinet will be a 9" pull out spice rack. When it come in and is assembled, I'm going to be looking for jars for my spices and rubs to store in the drawers. I haven't researched it completely yet-I just know how I want to organize them. If anyone comes up with a source, please let me know. 😀
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    If you are redoing the kitchen put a corner cabinet with a lazy susan built in. That is what I have.

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  5. tigerregis

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    I buy in bulk from "Bulk Barn" and found my jars at at a dollar store.They hold 2or3 oz. depending on density.
  6. I have one like Foam, but mine is an old plastic one we have had forever We also have a designated area for the large spice containers we by at Sam's (We use a lot if Spices)

  7. radioguy

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    We are now buying the larger spice sizes from Costo and GFS. The wife bought a few wire baskets that fit the pantry shelf. I just pull those out when needed.

  8. I also buy the large spice bottles at GFS and Sams Club. I keep all my seasonings in a large heavy duty tote I bought from Home Depot. Works for me. 
  9. Yeah we use a lot of spices large containers of the ones we use on a regular basis 

  10. wyphoneman

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    This is the spice rack that I built.  It holds 1/2 pint jars with the lids painted with chalkboard paint and the contents wrote on the top.  No more shuffling through the spice cupboard to see if you have a certain spice, not finding it so buying more only to discover that you had some in the back of the cupboard.  We just keep them in alphabetical order so they are easy to find.  We buy as much as possible in bulk and just reload the jars as needed.

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  11. dirtsailor2003

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    That's great! I just built a slide pantry that I could incorporate that into.

    POINTS for a great rack!
  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Here's the slide pantry I made. We have space between our fridge and wall. This is 24" wide, approx 4" deep, and 67" tall. The dimensions could vary depending on the size of the space you have and the size of your fridge. I used 1x4 Radiata pine, sureply underlayment for the wood. Glued and pin nailed. 4 rubber wheeled casters. I used threaded rod for the keepers but you could use dowels or strips of wood. I measured the stuff we wanted to store and divided the pantry up accordingly. I had planned to attaché it to the wall but as long as you don't pull it all the way out there's no real need. It could be easily modified to hold spices, especially like wyphonemans posted above.






    Smoke away!!!
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  13. foamheart

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    Great planning Case, make sure the 'bottles' are low enough so when you are crawling, you can still reach them. I just noted the nuts.... thats some fine priortizing!! Maybe add a lar of smoked jerky and a bag of pretzels?
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  14. b-one

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    Great use of space!
  15. That's nice, great idea and use of wasted space

  16. jarjarchef

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    Gret job both of you! I will have to keep both in the back of my mind for future use.
  17. pops6927

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    I bought an inexpensive cabinet at WM, put it together to store all my ingredients and paraphernalia:

    I have since added additional shelves in between the fixed shelves for additional storage, plus store my slicer on the top too, next to my stuffer.
  18. Nice, I was thinking of something like that to put all my junk in

  19. stickyfingers

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    I built this and it bolts on to the back on a closet door in our kitchen.

  20. That looks nice,  mine on the way


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