Spatchcocked Chicken Question

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jcollins, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. So i bought about a 4# whole chicken to smoke this weekend and i want to try this... i am under the impression that all that is being done is cutting out the spine and breaking the chest cavity so it will lay flat. Correct?  what is the advantage of doing this vs say beer butt chicken or just leaving it whole?  Thanks in advance for the replies. 
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    It will really make it get done faster.  I like it because much less risk having not done enough. It will also absorb the smoke better.
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    You can also remove the keel (breast) bone and even fillet out the ribs if you want. The advantages are faster and more even cooking.
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    Like Mdboatbum said, more even cooking, cooks faster, and you also can really get some seasoning on ALL of the bird and not just the exterior.

    I cut out the backbone, remove the keel bone, snip the wishbone in half, and then flatten the bird out before seasoning.  I cook with the bone side down and once done, I sometimes drop the bird onto a HOT grill skin side down to crisp it up a bit.

    Do a Youtube search for spatchcocking chicken and you'll get a lot of hits.  Do as little or as much as they all tell you and you'll be in business.
  5. Thanks Fellas I was just trying to clear that up.
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