Spatchcock chicken with an amnps on a Weber gas grill

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by waywardswede, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I got my amnps this week, so I thought I would try for some smokey goodness grilling chicken on my Weber gas grill.  I brined the chicken using the Slaughterhouse brine, about 6 hours in the brine then about 18 hours uncovered in the fridge.  I put hickory and apple pellets in the amnps and fired it up.  Used some of Jeff's rub on the chicken, and put it on at 275 until IT got to 160, then turned the grill up for the last couple of minutes to crisp up the skin.

    It turned out great (my son, who can be pretty picky, told me after dinner 'Dad, the next time you cook chicken do it the same way you did today'), but there wasn't much of a smokey flavor.  I'm sure I'm not using the amnps in the best way, the propane Weber isn't exactly a smoker.  Still, I've used wood chips in it before and that worked pretty well.  In 2 hours I only went through 1/2 row of pellets, maybe the air flow is too restricted?

    I'm sure I'll be trying it again sometime soon, maybe I'll light from both directions next time.  Still, one of the best chicken dinners we've had at my hand.

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    Great Looking Chicken! I have the 12" and the 18" AMNTS which I have used in gas grill and both work fine. However on the shorter cooks, like chicken I don't get as much flavor as if I did them in my Mini-WSM or Lower temp cook in my GOSM. You might try lighting both ends. Or the other thing to do would be to cut the temp down to 225-250 to get more smoke time and then crank it up high at the end to crisp things up again.
  3. Thanks dirtsailer, I think I'll try those things next time.

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