SPATCHCOCK CHICKEN.... it's what's for dinner!

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  1. Hello all...

    My Mrs. made a grocery run Sunday afternoon and when she got home she told me she got a good buy on whole chicken at her favorite market so she grabbed a couple of em'. The smaller one was about 3.75 lbs. and the larger closer to 5 lbs. I said, "that smaller one has spatchcock written all over it for todays dinner"! Well, it just so happens that I had a fresh batch of Jeff's rub I'd made my way (sorry Jeff, nothing personal but I prefer Chipotle powder to Cayenne) so I spatchcocked his little carcass and after some trimming here and there gave him (or her??) a gentle rinse and pat down followed by a coating of EVOO and a nice layer of the rub, both inside and outside the skin. left it in the fridge for two hrs. for the ingredients to do their magic and fired up the grill to pre-heat a bit. Now... before you all start beating me up about this, I'm going to admit that I used my Char-Broil gas grill. I did so because we had passing T-storms all afternoon and I did not wanna fight my Weber charcoal grill under those conditions. I also decided not to use my MES 30 or my Brinkman electric because it was not my intention to do a slow cook/smoke like I would another time, that's why this is on the "grilling chicken" thread. I did however use my "Poor Man's Smoker" During the grilling/cooking process and this chicken turned out FANTASTIC!! I grilled it at 375 for 35 min. on the first side and 325 on the second side until the internal was 190 degrees. I had to pick it up with two flippers because it was falling off the bone.  I also placed a couple large baking potatoes on the grill that the Mrs. coated with oil and dusted with sea salt.

    SORRY... but I've attempted to post a pic. of the finished product numerous times, and unless I'm doing something wrong or photobucket has changed things, all I can get to come up is the link to the picture which also opens up my entire photo album, and I'm not gonna do that. IF I get it figured out or IF some good Samaritan here can help, I'll post the pic., otherwise, use your imagination.

    ANYWAY...It was complemented by the potatoes, baked beans and a fresh garden salad consisting of leaf lettuce, spinach, beet greens and chopped fresh green onion, all from our garden.

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    Here a go , maybe this will help . . .

    Hope you get going , I  wanna see them cooks .

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Here ya go what?? I see nothing. Did you forget something, or did I miss something?


  4. OK... here's another shot at posting a pic...
  5. By God and Sonny Jesus... IT WORKED!! I know it's not a pretty pic of some gloriously smoked chicken done on a Bradley, MES, Big Green Egg, Brinkman, etc., etc. but I did use my "Poor Man's Smoker" to impart some nice hickory and pecan smoke over it the entire duration of it's cook. As I stated previously... it was falling off the bone and still moist. My Mrs. was impressed and that's all that matters to me!!

    And Pat... thanks for your help Bro!...

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    Looking good.we got 2 nice chickens yesterday at the Amish Market. Spatchcocked both of them.and dropped both into a bag of Frank's hot sauce and buttermilk.
    Oh ya,it's always good to keep momma happy.
  7. old fart...

    Frank's Hot Sauce and Buttermilk??... OOOOHH... that sounds like heartburn in the making!! LOL!... But seriously, whatever works for ya is good and thanks for the compliment! I still do a "Sittin' Chicken" from time to time, (beer can chicken) but I think Spatchcock is the way to go!

  8. old fart

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    I didn't like the way I carved it,I left them in a little to for the hot sauce and buttermilk, you get the flavor and none of the heat.the wife loves it like that.
  9. Got one thawed in the fridge now.      Your looks great  Yum !!

  10. millerbuilds

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    Spatchcock is the way to go, I no longer do Beer Can, you get a much more even cook by Spatchcocking (is that a word?) the chicken.  The only down fall is it is not as pretty, but taste and an even cook trump pretty all day every day!

    Smoke ON!
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  12. millerbuilds...

    Yes I agree. The bird cooked whole is more appealing and I still do them from time to time although I don't use one of those little wire thingys that holds a can. I have a little cuplike stand that's porcelain glazed and holds the liquid, just set the chicken upright on it and walk away (cleans up really easy too). But for a nice even cook in half the time, the spatchcock method is the way to go!

    Supposedly... the term "spatchcock" is an old Irish term being derived from the words "Dispatch" and "Cock" (for rooster).

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    I have a similar set up.  it has a cup built in and a bowl below that lets you add some aromatics.

    Smoke ON!


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