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  1. Doing spareribs for the first time next weekend. Don't want to smoke, don't want to rub, just get me started. I will be using gallons of BBQ sauce! I have a Brinkmann Side Burner Smoker. I did a decent job of a chuck roast Sunday, took the fire out of using smoke for now, used too much of that. I will be filling the cooking surface with ribs, sure don't want to blow it!!!
  2. lucc

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    So you do or don't want to smoke/rub?
  3. bman62526

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    I'm don't want to smoke them?

    Ummm - ok, then that's easy. Just put them in a baking dish with a two cups or so of sauce, and bake them COVERED for an hour or so @ 275°, then uncovered for another hour or so....OR - put them in the crock pot with sauce for 6-8 hours on low.

    Either way, they'll be tender - but don't call it it baking!

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    If you don't want to smoke or rub them, how are you going to cook them?
    Like Bman said. You could use a crockpot. Fill it with bbq sauce and cook them, But that's not BBQ. [​IMG]
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    Use the "3-2-1" method:

    I know how you feel, you don't want to introduce too many variables while you're learning your new smoker. McCormicks makes a nice pork rub that you can buy at the supermarket. For smoke, you could try the opposite extreme, and just put a small piece in. But it's your cook, one thing at a time works great for learning sometimes.
  6. Listen, I want very much to use my new toy, just don't want to ruin any more meat! I want advice, good advice for my ribs. Maybe I'll keep the chuck for the Winter months as the oven helps heat the house. I have till next Sunday to come up with a plan for maaybe 10lbs of ribs. I learned a lot yesterday, one can't be a pro overnight. Randy
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    Did you check out the link to the 3-2-1 method? It will work fine with no rub and no smoke. You'll get nice tender ribs.
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    Big Steve is right , I did them without smoke the first time. The 3 2 1 will give you great ribs even if done in the oven.

    I used Jeffs rub the first time though. I used the 3 2 1 method and made awesome ribs.

    Later on I learned to dial in the smoke. Sometimes we just need to take baby steps.

    Tip Use a mild fruit wood like apple or cherry, 5-6 hours in either will not give you too much smokey flavour like Hickory or Mesquite can. Fruitwoods are way more forgiving.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out. ( qview hint )
  9. rivet

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    I understand your position. Read and learn the 3-2-1 method and slather away! You'll get fall-off-the-bone mouthwatering ribs every time. Your guests will think you a pro.

    My two cents worth.
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    quick advice - if you use lump charcoal OR sam's choice (wal-mart) charcoal briqs, you will get a nice, very mild and subtle smoke flavor with no effort and definitely no fuss - might be a good place to start wihtout having to worry about too much smoke or adding chunks etc.

    as for no rub, might i recommend simply sprinkling lawry's or your favorite seasoning on them and siimply dowing them that way (i recommend lawry's ebcuase it is almost a rub on its own.

    you can of course use the sauce all you want, either brush a little on the last half hour OR serve it on the side.

    the 321 method works very well, especially it helps with the elarning curve. i strongly suggest taking the time to remove the membrane from the "bone side" of the ribs - it is a simple procedure that pays off BIG in flavor.

    good luck and don't be afraid to take small steps and work your way up ~ the suggestions above can help you move forward in your journey and gain experience while also learning from past BBQs
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    During the summer, you can normally get ribs on sale fairly regular, when you see a good a bunch...freeze them...and start at a will get oriented quickly as to what you do and don't like....You can cut a rack of ribs in 2 and try 2 different is your the man, see what works and what don't...
    even a well tried recipe on here , may need practice at your grill, your location...and hey....the fun is in the practice....I just tried the 3-2-1 here at my grill for the first time..turned out great, but I will make a few modifications for the next run...mainly to my choice of rub, not the method...I have learned that I enjoy cooking one day....and eating the next it takes a few days to figure what I may want to change,.
  12. OK, I read up on the 3-2-1 method and will go with that. I have the charcoal and briquets, apple juice, 3 racks of ribs and heavy duty aluminum foil, and time to do this right! Fathers' Day will be very special this year. One thing's for sure, keeping a steady 250 degrees will be easier in my opinion than trying to keep it hotter, say for the chuck. I will be adding BBQ sauce toward the end, maybe the final 45min. I'll let you guys know how it all turns-out, maybe a pic of my cooker! Flintlock
  13. bigsteve

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    Sounds like you have a winning plan. Good luck~Good eats!
  14. tasunkawitko

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    looks good, flintlock ~ keep us informed and good luck!
  15. I will be doing the spareribs today rather than Sunday, the weather will be lousy both days so why wait? I got two large racks, rubbed with Lowreys, apple juice is on hand as is the BBQ sauce, plenty of char and briqs, heave duty foil as well. And a few cold ones in the fridge. I'm adhering to the 3-2-1 method and we'll see what happens! I know this much, I'll have to cut these puppies in half when time comes to wrap in foil, must have been a biggie piggie!!!! Flint
  16. The Frau says do it Sunday, she believes the weather will improve, I know different. If it's Fathers' Day Weekend, why can't I do what I want? Love.
    I'll be back tomorrow, in the rain. Flint
  17. bigsteve

    bigsteve Master of the Pit

    Either way, sounds like you have a good plan. I'll bet you'll be much happier with the ribs than the Chuck.

    Stay dry.
  18. After 5+hours, I'm 15min away from dinner. The wife was right, no rain today. I did mix some applejuice with the BBQ sauce, looks like it will work. I did go by the 3-2-1- method religioulsy<sp>, changes may be taken to suit our tastes. More to come! Flint.
  19. I think I'll do the 2-2-1 in the future for ribs. Mine were a tad tough, I KNOW I did them right! Maybe more in the foil with applejuice and less on the grill alone will give better ribs. Thanks for all the help. Flint
  20. ronp

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    Well I don't think reducing time will be less tough. Just the opposite. The second 2 hours is the braising part and that = tender.

    Also check your smoker temps and probes.

    You made a comment about the size, and that could have something to do with it. Whether spares, or babys I always look for the smaller ones. That is what the grading system is based on, weight.

    Good luck next time.

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