Spare ribs were dry

Discussion in 'Pork' started by core cycle, May 18, 2009.

  1. I did 2 slabs of spare ribs yesterday using the 3-2-1 process and followed it to the letter, ribs tasted fine and were fall-off-the-bone tender but were dry,any anyone have any thoughts??
    I have a brinkman 2 door square vertical gas smoker temp fluctuated some 215*F to 250*F but I corrected as soon as I noticed, I have a digital thermometer with 2 probes

  2. tasunkawitko

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    even at 250 they should have been great - my only guess (and i could easily be wrong) is that they were done early and were simply on too long.

    another possibility is that the temps might have been a little too low if below 225 for too long. when temps get down there like that, you're not really cooking ribs anymore; you're making jerky.

    two suggestions, but i can't say for sure - my only advice is to try again! persistence leads to success and, in BBQ, even the failures are pretty darn good, usually!
  3. billbo

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    The only time I have ever dried out my ribs (I never foil) is when I overcooked them. Maybe that was the case, it happens. Still better than no ribs I bet[​IMG]
  4. bigsteve

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    The worst ribs I ever made since I started smoking, were still miles ahead of anything I ever destroyed on my old gas grill.

    Core cycle.... It's tough to say, but I'm leaning towards over-cooked.
  5. mikey

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    Were those ribs bought "fresh" or frozen? If they were frozen, they'll lose some moisture in the thawing process, which might be a contributing factor to the dry condition after you smoked em.

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