spare ribs turned out awful

Discussion in 'Pork' started by scottddove, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. well I figured it was going to happen. I had good luck on the chicken and pulled pork. But the ribs were another story. They were not fit for the dog to eat. Had ceasote all over them and tough as leather. I am not sure what went wrong is the main problem. Did everything the same as far as fire and temp. But had so much creasote it would just numb your lips mouth tounge ect. I am using straight apple wood. I am thinking I am making to big of a fire. I am cutting the wood like I would for my wood heater and I just think I may be going to big on the fire. I have to almost close the vent on the side box all the way to get the temp right. What size pieces of wood do you guys use. Also the smoke I get is white not blue I am asuming that is bad. Well bring on the help I need it. Good thing I didnt invite any company for this meal I would have had to serve peanut butter and jelly. But hay my kids liked it anyway. thanks scott.
  2. johnd49455

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    What are you smoking on[​IMG]

    I use a Chargriller w/SFB & I can not use all wood I use a mix of charcoal, Lump charcoal, & Cherry splits. All wood burns to hot for somthing as small as mine.
  3. gypsyseagod

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    too much wood, green wood, not enough air flow.white smoke- maybe green wood.was the stack all the way open ?
  4. my smoker is as big as the one in gypsyseagods avatar. The brand is a royal oak I got at walmart. It was the biggest one they carried. I am using apple wood that has been seasoned for a few months. seems to be dry.
  5. gypsyseagod

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    just curious- was your smoke stack all the way open & do you use a water pan ? and if ya were adding charcoal-were ya just putting it in cold or pre-firing it ?
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    Hey Scott, I agree with you on too big of fire. I finally learned to start my offset fire box, stick burner, with a medium fire, to get the smoker warmed up real good. Then I split the wood into kindling size pieces and only add 2 at a time. Its a small fire and a pain in the butt to baby sit, I have to add wood about every half hr, give or take. I keep the exhust open full, and inlet open about half way, give or take. I keep some kindling on the top of the firebox, to pre heat it, don't know if it helps, just makes me feel better. It seems like the smaller fire, and more air, = thin blue smoke. [​IMG] Terry I just noticed your using apple wood thats been seasoned a few months, sorry, its NOT seasoned. Its still wet. I been burning wood all my life, it may look dry, but "in my opinion, it ain't"
  7. johnd49455

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    My Chargriller is much the same as your royal oak.

    Some other things that may help is pre-heating your wood on the SFB or IF you have somewhere to do it burn your wood & put just the hot embers in the fire box.
  8. richtee

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    You can verify this: Place a few sticks over a charcoal fire on a grill set over your'll see sap/moisture coming out the ends in a few min. if they are not seasoned. Continue heating wood until this stops, THEN use that to begin the smoke. It may be near charcoal by then, but will still produce some of the "Thin Blue". Wood usually takes a year to properly season.
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    Scott, all that has been offered here is good advice. Let me add a little to the mix...

    Being that you are just getting started, what might be easier for you, rather than jump right in with burning all wood, is try a mixture of lump and wood chunks of your choice.

    Here's what I do:

    Place an unlit chimney full of lump in the sfb. Then add a lit chimney of lump to that. Open the chimney all the way, as well as the sfb vent. Let the smoker get up to temp and the coals get good and hot. Adjust the temp by adjusting the sfb vent, leave the chimney vent wide open. Add a few chunks of wood, let the smoke settle, add the meat and pop open a beer.

    You'll need to add more lit coals and wood chunks as neccessary. You will get some white smoke when you add the wood, but it settles down in a few minutes.

    Good luck!
  10. cajun_1

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    Great advise from everyone.
  11. smokebuzz

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    If your going to burn "green" apple wood as i do offten, you have to have a HOT fire, not nesseraly a BIG fire. I start off simmilar to Hawg's method he explained, then all wood. more apple than oak till the meat hits 145 interal, then all oak. you have already got some good info from the others, don't let it "smolder" along.
  12. smoke freak

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    I am cookin with a chargriller. I usually start with some lit coals and add splits to that as needed. Also I will add a few unlit coals to the pile from time to time or else I tend to lose my bed of coals before the end of a long cook.
    It doesnt matter what wood you use if your fire is being smothered, Your smoke will be ugly and also your food. I try to keep a small fire burning cleanly with plenty of air flow. Its more work maybe. Maybe not. The end results are amazing. I also recomend preheating your wood before adding it to the fire. Just seems to light quicker.
    Just remember to keep the smoke clean and dont worry about spikes or dips. Just deal with it and keep cookin.Master the fire and have fun.
  13. swalker

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    I ruined a pork roast trying to use Green Hickory...Certainly learned my lesson...You could taste the it got throwed out...No more green wood for me......thats for sure..

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