Source of unlined refurb 55 gal drums, St Louis area, $30

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by stl-rich, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. stl-rich

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    I just spoke to Rick at Container Distributors in Venice IL 800-366-5098   He said that if I want a used, unlined opentop 55 gallon drum, their item number is 17H55R, $30 ea and if I only want 1, I'll have to pick it up

    Because of my schedule, I doubt that I'll do anything until August but I do see a UDS in my future.[​IMG]
  2. stl-rich

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    Been thinking & planning.  Plan is to get a refurb unlined drum from Container Distributors and a 22" weber kettle from craigslist.  gonna take the kettle lid to the drum place to try & get a good fit.

    Gonna drill 3 intake holes - cover 2 with fridge magnets and a ball valve (with fat belly mod???)  will drill 3 grate support holes for each of two grates - gotta recheck the height of the grates.

    I have an ECB pan that I think I will put a bail on and will use for an ash pan - my charcoal bucket will have the charcoal grate from the 22" weber that I will buy as the base and a couple of bolts sticking down as legs.

    Since the UDS is a low temp device, I think I will use galvanized hardware EXCEPT for the charcoal basket - that is the only part that gets anywhere hot enough to vaporize zinc (it melts at about 780F and boils at about 1665F)

    Comments from you guys with more experience than I have would be appreciated
  3. tom37

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    I wouldn't spend the extra for gal bolts unless you already have them.

    The drum I used, actually fit the lid better to the bottom of the drum. Mine is built so that I can remove the can from the bottom to clean the ash.

    Sounds like you are right on track.

    If you ever make it to KC, I can pick up a open unlined for 15 bucks and hold on to it for ya. PM me if you want me to grab one.
  4. stl-rich

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    Wifey and I are going to a wedding in KC in September.  I had planned on picking up a refurbed open top unlined drum in August for $30 in the St Louis area.

    Should I wait a month for $15?  Decisions, decisions ...[​IMG]

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