Sopes - with homemade chile sauced pulled pork

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    Mexican food is my favorite ethnic food - could eat it every day.  Food truck tacos sell great food, and the more authentic of them will feature sopes, which looks like a thick masa tortilla.

    As is always the case, my wife is in charge of the dough.  In this case, she simply followed the directions on the package.  Other uses for masa include making your own delicious homemade corn tortillas

    After finishing the dough, she rolled a golf ball sized ball of dough into a 1/4 inch thick disc, which was then toasted on both sides on cast iron until done - the insides should be cooked yet soft

    The pulled pork is in the pan, covered with the homemade chile sauce (made on a different day from a variety of dried pods), and heated through - took all of about 5 minutes

    Starting the build - smeared avocado on the masa base, then topped with the chile sauced pork

    Then topped with raw cabbage for crunch and queso fresco, these treats were even better than what we typically get when we eat out.  Sliced a bite of sope, scooped up a pickled jalapeno, and we were in Mexican food heaven.  If you've never tried sopes or huraches, look for them on a menu - if you like Mexican food you'll not be sorry.


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