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    Hi All. I am still learning a lot from all of the info on this site, and learning how to tweak the equipment. I tried a couple of pork roasts for pulled pork for church; mighty tasty. 

    Five hours under smoke, 7 more until internal temp reached 190

    Ready for sauce


    Unfortunately forgot pics of ready to eat, and there was nothing to take pics of after (guess that means everybody liked it)

    I got the idea of maybe trying to smoke fresh brats after reading on here that it might be possible. The first go around didn't work too well. Some suggestions said to start the smoker at 200-220. In my experience, they got done too fast and didn't take much smoke flavor. I talked to our local butcher about brats. I told him that my wife and I don't drink alcohol, and beer brats got too bitter for us. He made some up with no beer for us to try.Tried again tonight with starting with smoker off but mailbox smoker going. Since it was 100 degrees, the inside the box was about 115. Next hour, had the temp at 130. Next was at 160. The internal reached 145 by the end of the hour (the 3rd hour). Then raised box temp to 220. Internal temp hit 160 within 1/2 hour. Took them inside; the skins were pretty dry and tough. A couple of minutes in a water bath took care of that. Excellent! No bitter flavor. Just the right amount of smoke and sausage flavor. Even a smoke ring! My wife is pretty particular about food & flavor, and her pronouncement.......'almost as good as bacon' (her favorite thing). Nice pink color, too.

    Here they are

    Ready on the bun

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    Boy that looks good!

    I saw something this week, I have got to try! Fella cured a butt, then smoked it, ground it and made sausages. I can't even imagine a ham sausage!  That would have to be just wickly good!

    Those brats look very good, and you smoked them like smoking country sausage. I bet they were mighty tastee!

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