Some of you all got me thinkin! You know what sounds good to me?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fwismoker, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. fwismoker

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    First of all...yes i'm sure the thinking is dangerous!  Secondly something i haven't had since i was a kid and my mom used to make is home made bologna salad. 

    I remember she had a grinder and i barely remember cranking the handle helping out as a little tyke.  It was always a good summertime sammy...a little lettuce on top, mmmm.

    What would be a good grinder or food processor that i could use for both the bologna and also for when i start making sausages?   The only thing i remember is this grinder had different attachments and it came out looking like hamburger.  Now they didn't have food processors back in the day but i'd imagine that's what i'd use. 

    Smoke up some bologna and whip some bologna salad!  One of these days i wouldn't mind making my own bologna but for now i'll use the stores. 
  2. kathrynn

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    Ham salad is what my Mom used to make.  Bologna would be about the same.  Show that q-view!

  3. I make ham salad but not the pureed kind. I either finely dice by hand or run it a few times through the food processor.

    I have made faux ham salad using bologna a couple times once and buzzed it in the food processor cause that's just not enough for me to haul out the LEM grinder, and once through a hand crank food grinder.
  4. fwismoker

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    I need to get a large food processor one of these days but for now i just have a small pulse type one i'll use.   I know what i had back as kid was the little skinny noodle texture that was mixed up.  For now i'll just cube up some bologna, cold smoke it and go with a few pulses of the processor.... fingers crossed.   It should work ok i'd think. 
  5. I have a hand crank grinder that's probably 50 years old that my mom used to make bologna sandwiches for my dad. I now use it to make 50/50 burgers, that's 50% beef and 50% ground bacon. I haven't had one of those bologna things in a long time, think I'll pick up a log, smoke it, and grind it. Thanks for the post.

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  6. Hello FWI.  You know, you got me to thinking.  I have never had the bologna salad but my grandma used to make salad/spread by running homemade dill pickle, onion, a little celery, and a can of spam through the hand grinder.  She then added a smidge ( technical term ) and mayo to make the spread.  Came out kinda like pate.  Least that's what I remember seeing her do.  Haven't thought about that in years.  Wondering if it was really good or just cause grandma made it and I helped.  REALLY tough to recapture a food memory though.  Think I'll give 'er a try and see what I come up with.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Keep Smokin!

  7. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Danny i don't know how i got to thinking about it...just from things here or there on here.    Tonight i'm gonna cold smoke some bologna and whip some up.  I should have gotten celery!   Dang you    
  8. I wanna see a QVIEW!

  9. LOL. Well I am sure you can get by with a little celery salt. Let us know how it goes. Keep Smokin!Danny
  10. You top posters here were very luck to have Moms and Grand Moms that could do that, mine sure did not.

  11. mr t 59874

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    Same here Kat, It's something I remember as FWI does.  Dad always called it ham salad.  Seems like it was ground ring bologna with pickle relish in there also.  Pretty simple and very good.

  12. Hello Pallidini.  As I said my Grandma made it with Spam.  As a result of her influences I still like fried Spam sandwich.  AND you know what folks think of Spam.  You know as we start to cook and care for our families the only background we have to start with is what we have learned from our family.  Maybe she had never been given the idea.  Maybe PB&J was her best option.  How about sharing recipes with her know?Am sure she would like that.  Just my worthless 2 cents.  Keep Smokin!

  13. I would, but one problem exists, my Mother and both sets of Grand Parents are no longer on this side of the grass and my father, about 6th stage Alzheimer disease, put in a home.   He is 86.  Both sets of Grandparents immigrated to Canada [​IMG], but both of my parents were born in Canada [​IMG].

    I am the first member of my family, there are 6 kids my parents produced, I am the 2nd last one.  I am the only one with a smoker or any interest in one, the same with deep fried food.  

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