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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mulepackin, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. mulepackin

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    All the reading and viewing of everyones efforts got my motor going. Been going to do some stix, but just haven't had time, so decided to do some jerky in the meantime. I did 25# of ground beef ( I've got a lot of extremely lean ground beef on hand, that's what we do with some of our bulls that are either injured or no longer productive in their intended capacity). I used Hi-Country Original, Teriyaki, and BBQ seasoning. They are a local company that commercially produces jerky in Montana, they also make seasoning kits. I used Rytek Kutas' method of freezing blocks, then slicing the block up in my slicer. I am kind of limited in the size of block I can get in the slicer (it is a cheaper Oster home model) so the slices end up about 4 in. long. I may have to reconsider either a jerky shooter, or possibly a jerky tube for a stuffer when I get one (anyone every use one of those?). It always amazes me how little product you seem to end up with after it's dried.
  2. bassman

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    That's some excellent looking chewin'!. Yes, I have used the jerky shooter and really liked it. I have since graduated to the Jerky Cannon. If you are doing larger amounts, consider the cannon (lot less stuffing). I don't have a recipe, just make it up as I go along. I use the Gardenmaster dehydrator set at 140 degrees and make some great jerky out of elk and deer. Keith
  3. kookie

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    Great looking jerky..............I also have the jerky cannon from Lem....Great unit, I would n't even was my money on the cheaper plastic ones.....Get the jerky cannon or cabela's has one that is about the same.....They both run about 50 bucks....I use my cannon to do jerky and also slim jims and it can be used to stuff sausage with.....Its great.......I do like your idea of using the slicer though....I only have a small rival home slicer, so I would have to make small blocks too...........Great q-view...........
  4. richtee

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    I never made the ground stuff. Just for the sake of the argument I should try it- dried meat loaf... (harumph) LOL!
  5. navionjim

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    I'm with you Rich, I've never made the ground stuff either, but I have a lot of respect for Mule Packer's talent so maybe I should rethink the idea. God knows it might be cheaper in the long run, maybe even easier? I've been using brisket for jerky for the past few years now and it's hard to change my ways. Think this ought to be a poll?
  6. fireguy

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    Look s great mule, hope you find time to do your sticks soon...
  7. twistertail

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    I like to use thin slices for jerky too but we take any pieces of deer meat that are small and grind it up to make jerky and it turns out really good. I think slicing chunks into strip is easier than grinding and then using the jerky cannon but really the cannon is not too bad to use.
  8. mulepackin

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    Thanks for the compliments. Didn't mean to start a ground vs. whole muscle jerky debate. As I said thats what I have on hand, probably in the neighborhood of 300-400 lbs. of ground bull. If I don't sell enough to friends etc. as just burger, I've got to do something with it. Sausage, jerky, stix lead the list. Otherwise its alot of regular meatloaf for me[​IMG]. Given my druthers, I prefer the texture and bite of whole muscle jerky. I've probably made about 4 times the amount of whole muscle/sliced to ground/reformed. That is what I usually do with game meat jerky. In fact, I've jerked entire deer before with various formulas and recipes. I still partially freeze and slice (usually with the grain) my cuts of meat with my slicer. At any rate just thought I better show some pics of my work so you all didn't think I was all talk, kinda of "all smoke, no fire" so to speak.
  9. desertlites

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    I thank u done real good with your beef-glad I stayed outta it.
  10. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Well- I'mma gonna try it. At the same time I smoke some meatballs- what the hell... :{)
  11. walking dude

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    we have done the ground beef method before..........if fact, some of the commerical jerky out there is made the same way............pretty good stuff..........tho i do tend to lean to whole muscle.......but when/if you want to do it on the better way.........


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