SnP or CGSP?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bishop916, May 24, 2008.

  1. I can get a Chargrill for $95 (used), and of course a SnP at Walmart for ~$150 all paid, - The only difference I can see is that the CG has a side door that slides out an ash assembly, and the Brinkmann has no side access to remove the ashes, etc?? I can't really tell much from pics on the internet, so any thoughts?

    Discuss. [​IMG]
  2. 1894

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    One of the main reasons I went with the char-griller was because it weighs almost 50# more. I figure that extra metal has to help hold some heat.
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    Bishop, welcome to the forum, I'm sure there will be many who chime in. I probably looked at the Brinkman when I was recently looking for my forst smoker, but I decided on the Chargriller because it felt sturdier and heavier then the others I did look at. I paid right at $150 for the Smoking Pro, and then spent another 30-50 on the basic mods. I would think $95 is a great deal if the rig is in great condition. If used it is already seasoned and assembled too (bonus). There's a day saved right there.

    In the end you have to determine if the used unit is worth the money.

    There are my two cents.
  4. Welp, I went and checked out that used Chargrill - and bought it!
    Not a bad deal; it has been out a bit (covered), ~ but other than that, it is in good working condition, besides, it ain't to look at, it's to smoke on!

    The bonus IMO is that I saved enough $ to get some materials for the mods needed to get it tuned up for some good eats, plus a good supply of wood chunks, charcoal, etc.,

    Due to condensation, etc., there is a fine dusting of surface rust on the cast iron grates and the inner lid (lil' sanding and good vegetable oiling?)

    I'll post some pics after I get it cleaned up and modded, but first, back to that yard! [​IMG]
  5. qstick777

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    $95, and already assembled, not a bad deal on the CGSP!

    I bought mine earlier this week. $129 for the grill and $60 for the side box - from Lowe's. I think it took about 3 (maybe 4) hours for the assembly.

    Last night I picked up some items for the mods. I found that 3.5" HVAC duct works nicely for the baffle. It was pre-bent in a 90*, so I figured it would make it easier to screw it the grill. Turns out if you cut it to 18", it sits perfectly over the opening to side box. Lengthwise, it covers half of the grill.

    Expanded metal works nicely in the firebox. I had a hard time finding anybody that knew what it was, or where to find it! First store didn't have any, so I bought some metal gutter covers. Cut them to fit and crimped them together, and they work nicely.....IF you have a grate underneath them. I was lucky enough to have a small grate left over from an older grill that fit perfectly over the ash box. That worked fine today, until I have some time to work with the heavier expanded metal.

    I left off the dryer vent this time - couldn't fit all the meat in there with it on.

    Couldn't find any thermometers - spent the last 3 weeks looking at them everytime I went to the store, and now that I need them, they are sold out!

    I don't know if I would sand the grates. The instructions say to season:

    Coat all surfaces with vegetable oil and place in grill at 300 for 2 hours. Recoat and return to grill at 200 for 1 hour.

    Due to improper care, grids may lose their SEASONING and rust. If so, brush and RE-SEASON as above. (CAPS is theirs, not mine!)

    Anyways, congrats on the new smoker. Hope it serves you well!
  6. Thanks for the heads up on seasoning the grates. [​IMG]

    I found an old unused camping griddle that will work well as a baffle I just leaned it at about a 40 deg. angle up against the pins that hold the charcoal handle. it comes into the chamber about 10-12 inches, with only smallish spaces on the sides and at the bottom. It leaves me enough room for my water/drip pans too, so props to reusing junk in the garage! (I'll look into that hvac piece though, lol)

    I am starting to wonder about that basket!.., 'spose I won't know 'til I get in there and make one...
  7. watermelonslim

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    For a basket you can just get one of the Lowe's shaker baskets. They cost around $10-$15 and they work great. Just take the handle off, and use bolts to hold it on the rails. Like this:

    It will leave you plenty of room over the ash pan. Here's mine from the side, with the ash pan halfway open to show how much clearance there is:

    Someone else bought a grill wok from Lowe's for $10, and it fits in the firebox of the chargriller with no mods at all, and it's handles hold it on the rails (like the bolts on my shaker basket). but its holes are a little small for ashes to fall thru, so I would wait until he posts his results with it (he hadn't used it yet last I checked) before getting one.

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