Smoving a tenderloin for the first time.

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  1. I have the rub I want to use and the wood but not sure how long to put a 10.75lbs in for. I understand to follow the internal temp but i want to have it done for a dinner party and not sure when to start approximately. Just looking for some ball park figures please help.
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    That's a big tenderloin. Sure it's not a loin? All the tenderloins in my neck of the woods are 1-3 pounds tops.

    Anyhow, loin and tenderloin cook fairly quick. Like other lean roasts it's more about the thickness not the weight when it comes to timing. If the toast is about 4" thick I'd assume 2-3 hours tops to get to a finished IT of 145. That's in a smoker running 225-250. That should include a good 30 minute rest before slicing.

  3. Ok thank you. It's said tenderloin on the packaging I will get a picture if I can
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