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Discussion in 'Beef' started by navionjim, Sep 10, 2007.

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    After hours of research last week I set out to try my hand at a brisket using SmokyOkie's method of searing over a hot lump charcoal fire then smoking it in a pan for 2 hours fat side up and another fat side down, then foiling and letting it go at 240F until done. I lubed up a 12 pounder with yellow mustard and applied a thick coat of Jeff's rub the day before smoking. It was the first time I've used Jeff's rub by the way. I cremated the brisket until black and slid it in the smoker using post oak and pecan for the fire.

    I got sidetracked at that point working on a Boston butt I was also doing for pulled pork, again with Jeff's rub, so the brisket ended up going for about 3 hours on each side in good smoke. It was getting late and I figured that being in foil it wouldn't matter if I left it in the smoker or (OK now the purists out there can nail me up for this) put it in my fancy $2,500.00 oven at 200F, which I did. Both the brisket and the butt stayed in the oven over night and the next day I opened the foil and drained off the juices to separate them. I removed the fat layer and added some of it to a pot of beans, the clean juice I saved to pour back over the sliced brisket.

    Getting that sucker out of the pan without it falling apart was a chore! But it seamed like a good sign that it could be that tender. I spent some time making the finishing sauce for the pulled pork. Sliced the brisket poured the juice over it and put both the brisket and the butt back in the oven to work on the beans and cornbread. That afternoon I had 11 guests over for supper and apart from a couple of bites to taste the brisket and pork I didn't even get a plate! That thing was gone in 20 minutes and everyone raved about it. I have to say that wast the most tender best tasting brisket I have ever had! My hats off to SmokyOkie for teaching me this trick.

    While I meant to get a few pictures it just didn't happen, and it disappeared so fast there really wasn't much of a chance to take any anyway. The wife is sort of mad at me for spending all weekend cooking but hell it was raining anyway. I think it was well worth it and a culinary feat I will definitely be repeating. If y'all haven't tried setting a brisket on fire, well you should, you'll love the results!

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    Those who have not tried the searing method are missing the best brisket there is.
    Blackened brisket produces the best beefy flavor. You will never know until you try it!
    SmokyOkie is the brisket master. [​IMG]
  3. Please repeat after Mike.............

    I too am under the "sear spell"!

  4. Glad everything turned out well for you, I've got to try a smoky style seared brisket soon. Sorry you didn't get more than a sample of all your work.

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