Smoky french dip.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by elde, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. elde

    elde Smoke Blower

    Loaded up the smoke vault this weekend...


    On the top right you can see a chuck roast, which was rubbed with Johnny's and allowed to rest overnight. Then it was smoked for four hours at 225/250, then pulled (internal temp 165) and put in an aluminum pan and oven braised in beef stock until tender.


    Coming out of the oven it smelled wonderful, and the braising liquid had acquired a wonderful smokey flavor. The roast and stock were then cooled overnight in the refrigerator.


    The next day, the roast was sliced thinly against the grain (something you can't do while warm!) and then reheated gently in some of the (defatted) stock.


    The slices were then piled high on hoagie rolls and served with some of wonderfully smoky braising liquid to dip the sandwiches in.

    I will be doing this again, but with a couple of changes. It really needs a low- or no- salt rub, as the salt from the rub and the salt in the stock left the sandwiches just a hair away from too salty. The stock also needs just the smallest touch of heat, maybe some paprika to give it some dimension.
  2. mballi3011

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    I saw the chuckie on the top but I also see a couple of birds and what looks like a fattie in a pen from where I'm sittin. The chuckie came out really good looking but my question is "Why" did you put it in the oven you had one alrady pre-heated??? I would of just left it in the smoker.
  3. the dude abides

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    Looks tasty...oven or not. Never sliced a chuckie before. Usually I foil them at 165 and cook to 205 then rest and pull. But I've done sandwiches like this before with pulled chuck and it is delicious.
  4. elde

    elde Smoke Blower

    There were two chickens in there, their fates are discussed here.

    I put it in the oven because once it reaches the braising stage, the oven is easier to manage than the smoker. (And it doesn't rain in my kitchen...)


    Dude, I've pulled chuck (unsmoked) for sandwiches before, but I went with slices because they are easier to deal with when dipping the sandwiches.

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