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  1. Anyone have a clue where i can get smoking hard wood around green bay, WI???
  2. noboundaries

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    Just try calling one of the firewood sellers in your area and ask if they stock wood for cooking or know someone who does.
  3. Firewood dealers, and if you have any BBQ joints around ask them, 

    Gary S
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    If you know your trees , cruise around after a storm and ask the tree choppers if you might have some of the wood for BBQ . Then , if you know them or at least one offer to do some Ribs for their trouble , you'll get more than you expected , but don't turn it away , share the wealth with a friend or co-hort.

    Roll-up your sleeves , we're all in this together.

    Have fun and . . .
  5. Ok thanks guys i actually get some from two suppliers now just by driving by n asking!
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    [​IMG]  , see [​IMG]   Being a 'PITA' works sometimes .
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  7. Thanks yall
  8. hickorybutt

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    I've found luck on craigslist.  I've had to pay for my loads, but have developed a pretty good stock of cherry and red oak.  I toss in a few hickory chunks every now and then that I got at a local grocer - Western Woods Products is the brand I believe.  I got my wood from craigslist for about $70 per truck load.  I don't mind since a truck load will last a while if I'm just using it in my smoker.  Cheaper than charcoal...  The price of firewood will vary by region.

    If you check the 'free' section of craigslist, a lot of times folks will post free firewood if you are willing to come cut it up - usually a fallen tree or branches in their yard.  Most of the ones I've seen around here though have been pine, or just nasty looking rotten wood.

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