Smoking with my new Dyna Glo 43" LP

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  1. I am just now seasoning the smoker. I ditched the stock wood box and water pan for a large dutch oven. I can fill it with water and wood chunks and smoke hard after the water boild off in an hour or so. Its a big box so heating the thing in cooler temps takes a while. I smoke everything right around 220-230 so if it get there I am happy. This thing is big enough to smoke ribs laying down with two slabs to a shelf and there are 6 shelves.
    I modded the lower vents, moving them to the outside and swaping the shoulder bolt on the vent for one of the water pan rack screws. I can close it completely if I need to.
    The wood has just begun to smoke and it smells great. Temp at 225 and climbing. Looks like I will have to turn the heat down...glad it doesnt have the heating issue other guys have had. I put a large cookie sheet above the cast iron pot to act as a heat baffle.
    230 and climbing. Turned both burners to half on. Smoke is pouring out of the chimney but no where else.well some coming out of the lower vent, but it IS open after all.
    Both burners at half mast for 30 minutes and the smoke is still rolling and the temp steady at 226. Couldn't be happier with this smoker.
    *Update* the temp climbed to 240 so I closed both lower vents all the way and turned the heat to low. Shes back to cruising around 230. I could get it lower on one burner, but heck its a seasoning burn.
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    Sounds great!

    Can't wait to see it in action!

  3. Thanks Al. Here's a pic.

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