Smoking with my Grandson

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by granbubba, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hello All,
    I'm new to forum and only have a handfull of smoking experiences under my belt.(All were positive). I'm enjoying this with along with my Grandson Hayden.
    I plan to smoke our Turkey for Thanksgiving. Going to Brine, and Smoke.

    Need advice on skin spices, rub, Oil?

    Granbubba and Grandson

    I'm using a BGCS Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker.
  2. crownovercoke

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    First off welcome to SMF. Check out Jeffs 5-Day E-course. It is a plethera of knowledge. (Not really sure what a plethera is!!![​IMG] ) As far as rubs go you can search for turkey or foul rubs and get some good responses. or after brineing I like to just brush on EVOO w/ rosemary, thyme, sage, paprika, with lots of fresh minced garlic...

    Welcome, post offen w/ pics, and smoke on...
  3. meowey

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    I'm going to brine mine also. A little ground black pepper on the skin is all I'm going to add.

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  4. pescadero

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    Grandbubba and Grandson:

    Nice to have you both. Just in time for T'Day, too. I know you will enjoy yourself.

    In the column on the left you will find an article on Brining, you might want to read through that. As for the actual spices or rubs, the choice is almost unending. Some like complex and exotic, others go very simple. Good news is that there is no right or wrong. You are not trying please anyone but yourself. The thread on Poultry covers both chicken and Turkey very thoroughly. There is a lot of information available now, because we are so close to Thanksgiving. Take a few minutes, go to the Poultry Thread and browse through. I am sure you will find something that catches your eye.

    Have fun and good luck.

  5. I have a half pound of compound butter (lots of smoked garlic, parsley and butter).
    I this I'll paint the bird with this on and under the skin. Then crack some sea salt and garlic flakes on the skin.

  6. homebrew & bbq

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    Welcome to SMF! That sounds like a good place to start. Give it a try and see how you like it. Be sure and give yourself plenty of time for the smoke. Allowing an extra hour or two for the bird to finish is probably a better plan than having hungry folks waiting for their dinner/supper (IMHO).

    I'm doing my first turkey for Thanksgiving but I have pulled pork already done as a backup, just in case. [​IMG]

    So make yourself at home here. Let us know how your turkey goes.

    We're glad to have you aboard.
  7. ron50

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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a good plan you have. I would also consider taking some of that butter, melt it, let it cool down to room temperature and inject some of it into the meat.

    Good luck and Happy Turkey Day.
  8. smokeys my pet

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    Welcome to smf and have fun and teach him well.
  9. gramason

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    Welcome aboard the SMF.
  10. blackhawk19

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    Welcome to SMF, I brine then rub bird with EVOO and shake on some lemon pepper spice. Lots of info here, pick a basic one, try it and experiment from there in the future. I find it helps just to do a basic smoke on anything new I try then build from there.
  11. mossymo

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    Welcome to SMF !!!
    Let us know how the bird turns out and if you, post pictures of your bird smoking !!!
  12. We had fun and the Turkey was Awesome.

    We Got up at 6:30, fetched the Turkey from outside(37 degrees), removed it from the brine, blotted dry and then let air dry. Stuffed the bird with quartered apples, onions, and celery plus a bunch of fresh herbs. Applied the smoked garlic butter and cracked pepper and on the smoker it went around 9:00. I used a little cherryfor my smoke. I expected the 13 pound bird to take 5 to 6 hours. It took 3 and a half. Guage was kept straight up at the E in IDEAL.

    Since we wern't eating till 4 and I had a free stoked smoker... I threw on some acorn squash (butter and brown sugar) and my first fatty! Smoked using Hickory.

    What did we learn today....
    I might need a better thermometer.
    Use less hickory (strong smokey flavor not enjoyed by all)
    Next time I smoke a turkey... I have to put on a corninsh hen for my wife as she likes her Turkey Dry and stringy (Our Turkey was perfect!!!)

    Grandson and I had a ball!!!

  13. rip

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    Welcome to the site.Glad to hear everything came out good, and your grandson enjoys smoking with grandpa. Some good memories there.
  14. linescum

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    Welcome to the forum it's a great place to be, as a neww pop-pop myself i can't wait till i start getting phone calls friday night asking " what are we smoking this time POP-POP"
  15. chris_harper

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    Welcome aboard SMF. Glad you found us.

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