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  1. Smoked my 1st wild hog this weekend, (well at least 2 hams and a shoulder) and it was GREAT!  It was a sow about 85 - 90 lbs, and the flavor was amazing.  I have taken an oath to do everything I can to hunt and smoke wild hogs whenever I can.
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  2. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    Looks great! Do you worry about freezing for 3 weeks like they say? just curious.
  3. bonzbbq

    bonzbbq Smoke Blower

    Nice job, I started my smoking venture on wild hogs as a young man, harder than store bought, but if done right some of the best pork IMHO, looks good, Bonz
  4. I hard froze it for about a week. I thawed it in cold water, injected it, rubbed it, talked sweet to it, and smoked it 5 hours uncovered (spritzing every 90 minutes with a apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and mustard blend I use.  I then pull them and recover with a light coating of the rub, a light coating of honey (we have our own bees) and since the wild meat is much leaner than a domestic hog I quarter a stick of butter longways and dispurse it in the aluminum foil wrapped package.  1 stick per ham/shoulder is what I use.  I put them back on for @ 4 hours at @ 275 and when I pulled them the internal temp on the largest ham was 205 deg F.  I did them all as pulled pork and it melted in your mouth.  I attribute that to the sweet talking and butter.  Next time I'm going to try thick sliced peppered bacon and cut back on the butterto about 1/4 stick.  Because we all know, Bacon makes everything better!  :)
  5. b-one

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    That's some tasty looking piggy!
  6. MY T FINE looking pig!

    Happy smoken.

  7. GaryHibbert

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    Looks like you have some FINE eating there

  8. That is gorgeous. I am a long way from trying something like that but someday I will, NEY, MUST smoke wild hog!
  9. mrspooky

    mrspooky Smoke Blower

    Im just finishing up on my RF smoker and this is something that im for sure going to be doing. We just got some land and the only 3 people around says the place is crawling with them. Got a few pics of them on the trail camera.. thanks for the pics!
  10. Very nice job, looks amazing. How does the taste compare to a domestic hog?
  11. Thanks all.  The taste is a little different, I'd say it has more depth and character but I won't call it gamey by any stretch of the imagination.  I will say it was some of the leanest meat I've encountered except for venison.  Keep in mind this was a @ 90 lb sow, so it was young and tender.  I've heard very bad things about older boars, but until I can punch one's ticket and give it the long ride on the pit I'm reserving judgement.  I'm always looking for places to help remove nuisance BBQ,.. I mean hogs so if anyone needs help drop me a line.  ;-)
  12. whiteyball

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    Looks awesome.  At one time we had a few wild hogs, and my buddy killed a 120lb sow the local butcher told us just to grind it all into sausage cause it wouldn't be worth eating any other way, wish I wouldn't have listened to him.  I'm wondering if I could do a deer the same way you did your hog I think your butter idea might make it great
  13. one eyed jack

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    Back in my south Florida days A good friend and his sons caught wild hogs with bulldogs, (Pit bulls), and would pen and grain them for several months.  We usually cooked them wrapped in foil over wood coals till tender.  Excellent meat!!
  14. welshrarebit

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    We have a lot of wild pigs here as well! I have hog wire all the way around my property to keep them out and my cows in...

    Wild boar crown rib roast:

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  15. Nice looking smoke

  16. eman

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    If you roll a big boar over and he hasn't been cut .Bury it! If he has been cut he will be as good as any sow.
  17. moikel

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    Millions of wild pigs here especially in the tropics. Short gutted,liver ,kidneys ,heart left in,they get snap frozen & sent to Europe.Mobile chiller van will pay about $1 per kg.We get some real big boars that no sane person would eat but they get shipped same as everything else. 

    I have no idea how they get the stink out of them. They eat a lot of road kill & dead anything .

    If they are caught in grain country they are better.If you can get them live ,pen them,dose of wormer ,feed them up they come up well. 
  18. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    How do you all go about catching them Moikel?  My bud's down in South Florida use Pit Bull Dogs.  Exciting business.  [​IMG]
  19. bonzbbq

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    eman hit it, I used to do a lot of pig hunting in central florida, actually that is how I got my start in bbq, back in the 70's, we used catch dogs, we hunted ranches and sod farms for the meat, they were glad to have us as wild pigs can do a lot of damage to a sod farm or ranch, a boar, especially a large one, would be cut and corn fed in a pen for a couple of months, as good as any pork you have ever tasted, much leaner but hard to beat IMHO.


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