Smoking two big butts on the Kamado Joe Big Joe on Pecan and Apple

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  1. What's on the menu today? Pulled Pork. The Kamado Joe, Big Joe will be the smoker of Choice today.  It is as hands-free as an electric, with the added plus of the flavor from Apple, Pecan and Lump Charcoal.  A fresh batch of rub was made. Two large butts were trimmed, scored, rubbed and sealed in vacuum bags for overnight. The next day they were put on the smoke. The pork will be slow smoked at 225 for about 12 hours.
    These pictures are from before the foiling, which was done when the butts started to dip in temperature (the dreaded stall). They already have a glorious color and wonderful aroma, even though they are only at 160ish.

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  2. bear55

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    Looks great
  3. Thanks Bear, I have high hopes for these hunks of pork.
  4. Twelve hours in (roughly 1.5 hours per pound), the smaller (8.11 pound) butt reached 203 and probes butter-like.  It is now resting.  The Larger (8.76 pound), second butt is still at 198, should finish soon.
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  5. Second Butt (8.76 pounds) finished right at 13 hours.  Both are resting.
  6. Both butts were rested, pulled, then vacuum packed into smaller portion sizes for family meals.  This should keep us in pork for a couple weeks.

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    Looks great, nice smoke! [​IMG]
  8. Great job, looks fantastic  I know it will be tasty.


  9. Thanks Brandon and Gary,

    Smoking meat is my roots.  But, the Kamado covers the entire full range of cooking with one cooker. It does low and slow with ease, and covers high temperature sears as well.  I have used it to do roasts, sears, baking bread and making pizzas.  It is truly versatile.

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