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  1. Greetings. First posting for me here so here's what's on my mind:I've got a Masterbuilt electric smoker, don't remember the model but it's about a year old or a little more. It's not the one with the window, that much I do know.I had my first smoking experience last Thanksgiving and I did a whole turkey. Really good. Also did some baby-back ribs over the summer. Now it's Thanksgiving again and I'm doing two separate turkey breasts (let's say a right and a left) plus four wings. I know the goal is proper IT, but I want to ballpark a cook time to coordinate with what's being baked/cooked in the house. I also like a crisp skin, so is a higher temp better for that? Skin side down on the racks? Lastly, I've read that draping bacon over the breasts will help with keeping moisture in the breasts. Yes? If so, then I assume that would mean skin side up. Thanks in advance.
  2. [​IMG]  When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    OK so now to the bird. You said you want crispy skin. That is not going to happen in a electric smoker. You have to finish it in the oven or a grill to get crispy skin. It takes about 325° or higher to get crispy skin. For moisture brine the bird and or inject it. Dry the skin well before you put it in the smoker. Do not rub it with butter or oil. If you put the bacon on it you will also loose the crispy skin. Turn your smoker up to 275° or as high as it will go. Put the bird in skin side up. Keep the door closed and smoke it to an IT of 165° in the breast and 170° in the thigh.

    Happy smoken.

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    You can figure about 20 mins/Lb at 275°F. If you want some Bacon flavor, put it UNDER the skin. The fat bastes the breast and does not interfere with the browning of the skin. Smoke the breasts to an Internal Temp(IT) of 150° then finish to 160/165 in a 425° Oven...JJ
  5. Hey guys -

    Yes, I will swing over to Roll Call in a bit.  Thanks for the reminder.

    While I do like crispy skin, I probably should've said "bark" or "browned" since we're talking about smokers.  The whole turkey I did last year had what I would call "not wiggly" skin but good enough for me to put it in that "crispy/barky" category.  Sorry, I'm getting too wrapped up in the skin.

    I like the idea of bacon under the skin.  Wait, wasn't that a Sinatra song?  "I've got bacon....under my skin..."  Maybe not. 

    In hindsight, I probably should've bought turkey breasts that are still attached to the spine/wings minus the legs/thighs but we learn by doing.

    I appreciate the tips.  I have a better handle now on what I'm going to do. 

    Now if I can just convince my wife I know what I'm doing.....

  6. Hit the search bar for a while. You will nail it and be the hero of Thanksgiving.

    Happy smoken.


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