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    I read a few suggestions on smoking trip tip. Remember, smoking meat is smoking. Not cooking meat. Anyone that is smoking meat over 225 degrees is not smoking meat. They are cooking the meat. Smoking is a slow process. If you do not have the time then do not bother. 

         3 lb tri tip.Do not, I repeat, do not purchase trip tip that has had the fat trimmed or removed. Fat side up in smoker. Make sure meat is at room temp. Many dry rub recipes online. find one you like. Dry rub the meat, wrap in plastic wrap, tightly. Place in refrigerator for at least 5 hrs. Remove from the refrigerator and let meat come to room temp. All meat should be placed in the smoker at room temp. Make sure smoker is up to temp. 170 degrees, put meat in smoker for 3 hrs, fat side up. After three hours of smoking, cover tri tip with foil to keep moisture in. Smoke another two hours. Med is 145 internal temp of the meat. Remove trip tip at 135 degrees and let rest. While resting internal temp should come up to 145. When it comes to trim tip smoking past med will give you dry meat. Do not over smoke.
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    I pretty much have to disagree with everything you have said above.
  3. You couldn't be more wrong on most if not all of what you posted.  Just sayin

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    This post confuses me.  I too disagree with almost all the above info.  Are you looking for us to clear up some of these often told but not true statements?
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    Wow. I disagree with every point in the OP's post. Wow.
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    Helluva first post.[​IMG]

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    I am glad you all agree to disagree with the original post...

    But how useless is it to just tell the individual that they are wrong?

    How about some corrections?

    How about a link to the "correct information"?

    For someone that was googling around for advice on Smoking Tri Tip... I found the whole thing kind of frustrating...

    Here I find some advice and then a raft of comments about how "ALL" of it is wrong...

    considering some of the "advice" agrees with my own (apparent) misconceptions... I'd really like to know what is the correct info...
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      Tri Tip 

    Rub with whatever rub you like. I prefer Salt and Pepper...maybe a little garlic.  Smoke until the IT is 105-110. Pull off smoker and let rest for a bit and then get your grill super hot or throw a cast iron skillet on the stove and crank it up. Then sear the tri tip a few minutes on each side until the IT is about 130 and let rest and the meat will continue to rise in temp to about 135, so med. rare.

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