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  1. Hi I have been smoking meat and fish for about 2 years. I initially smoked them in my gas grill using a smoke box filled with chips or chunks. It was ok overall but that all changed when i got a used Big Chief smoker. Talk about intense smoke flavor. The gas grill was ok but it was not tight enough to contain the smoke and maintain a low temp. Its not really for smoking.

    I recently got a Masterbuilt 30" digital smoker bc I wanted to smoke even when temps are in the teens outside. It works fine overall but I still like the Big Chief. The MB does not produce as intense a smoky flavor. And I noticed there are ash particles settling on the food. I'm trying to figure how to prevent this with the MB.

    I make my own marinades and brine. I probably smoke salmon the most. I use various kinds of chips (Alder, hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, pear, jack daniels oak chips....)
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