Smoking chicken 2nd try=awesome!

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  1. Well my first go around was successful in that my family ate and enjoyed it.  I however was not satisfied because the skin was bitter and inedible.  Yesterday I decided to give it a go again but changed things up a bit.  This time I did not brine the chicken, and also I separated the thigh/legs from the breast so to have two parts instead of one.  I did split the breast of course to help with the time it takes to cook.  I let the smoker (MES 2.5 40" BT) run for an hour at max temp to cook off anything in it that I missed with a wipedown.  For the chicken, I mixed some Johnnys seasoning salt into some butter and put it under the skin.  Then I put some more Johnnys, Natures Seasoning, and EVOO over the top before putting it in the smoker.

     I smoked it at max temp (275*-300*) until internal temp reached 145*, then removed my ANMPS.  I brushed on a mixture of honey, maple syrup, and Johnnys (did this twice) and let it get up to 165* internal then shut of smoker.  My neighbor stopped by and chatted about a successful winter moose hunt he had just been on and I watched the temp increase to 170* prior to removing from smoker.  Well let me tell you that the bird was perfect!  Skin was crispy, sweet and salty, golden brown, and the meat was moist and fabulous.  The breast did not accept as much smoke as the legs/thighs but I knew that was going to happen.  My two boys (9 and 6) stuffed themselves and asked it I could make it again the next night.  Mission accomplished and I thank the collective knowledge here for it.  I did some research here on the issues I perceived I had with my first attempt and made some adjustments.  My only regret was I didn't get a picture of it.  My boys were ready to tear it apart and I obliged!
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    Congratulations on your successful smoke!

    However we have a saying around here.


    Sorry about that!


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