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  1. As you can see in the picture My Chicken and Baby Backs look like they should BUT the Beef Ribs are DARK. I used oak to get started let it burn until only heat was comming out the stack then I put on some Hickory and Cherry then the meat, This was about 2 hours in. I wraped it all in foil and cooked for another 2.5 hours. Everything taisted great not to smokey. The beef is just way too dark I cooked at 225 to 250  ANYBODY Help with some comments.

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    Now let me get this straight. everything else looks good not too dark and the beef ribs were to dark. Ok I/we need a picture of just the beef ribs and you have got me flooered. I really cant think of why unless you aybe a a darker cow inwhich the ribs come off of. Now I see what looks like beef ribs on the right side of the smoker and in the middle too???
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    The picture is way too small to see the beef ribs good, but I'd say it was in your rub---Probably a bunch of sugar???

    Any better pictures (closer)?

  4. Same Rub I always use, It has a little sugar in it but mostly spicy. Family likes heat. I have a hot / sweet rib glaze i use sometimes but I didn't use it at all this time. I am wondering if the Oak I used to get started was not seasoned enough? I bought this from a different person than I usually buy from.
  5. See reply to Bearcarver
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    Gary- I've done pork and beef at the same time using the same rub and the beef has had a darker appearance. If you look at the meat in it's raw form, the pork is lighter in color than the beef. Also, your chamber temps are going to be hotter on the top rack than at grate level for the simple fact that heat rises.

    Next go'round try putting the beef ribs on the bottom rack and see if that lightens the color any.
  7. Hey, Thanks I'll try that next time
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    You just gor some very good advise from a guy in the know how. Dutch is a great guy who is always willing to help someone. It's all good my friend.
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    Dutch hit the nail on the head (as usuall)   I bet if you put a digital probe through a block of wood and put it on that top level that it will be 50 to a 100 degree's warmer than the lower level.   I see a 65° difference on my Klose, and the gap between the levels doesnt look as high as yours.   That would be enough difference to get any sugars you have in the rub to burn.
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    As long as they taste Great!

    I love them when they are Black, Reddish Brown, Brown, and Mahogany color.  [​IMG]

    As long as they aren't green, I'm happy. [​IMG]

  11. Going to give it another shot tomorrow, Going with 3 racks of beef ribs, 1 rack of pork spares, 3 chuck roast (about 3# to 4# each and one chicken. Going back to my original way of smoking. Using Stub's Charcoal and seasoning with some Hickory and Cherry Wood. I will post some pictures tomorrow,"weather permitting" I made a new batch of rub and mixed what I had left in with it, should be very, very little sugar. We'll see !!!!
  12. Rainey this morning, Weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow low in the mid 20's tonight and high in the mid 50's , since I don't have a covered patio or area, I'll be smoking tomorrow.
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    Gary, looking forward to seeing how your smoke turns out.  At my last house I didn't have a patio to cook under so I got me one of those ez-up/quikshade pop-up thingys to smoke under. It did a great job keeping rain off of and out of things. I still have it and use it now mostly for car shows.

    New house has a gynormous patio for using all my cooking toys.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]Pretty Day today 28 this morning warmed up to 44 starting my smoker now, here is a picture of what I am Smoking today. 3 racks beef ribs, 1 rack pork spare ribs, 3 each 3 to 4 lb. chuck roast, and chicken in refrigerator soaking. Post more pictures later.
  15. Put meat on at about 11:00  MORE PICTURES LATER[​IMG][​IMG]
  16. Posted some pictures for you
  17. These are at 1:30  after two and a half hours, look a lot different than last time. I think I was right the oak I used was not seasoned long enough. Lesson learned, Stick with what you know and works.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  18. Checked meat @ 3:15 Looks good, good color and flavor, probably another hour or so and it should be tender
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    I'll bet those are nice pics, but at what point do they get so small?

    Is your camera set like that, or is one of those "Photobucket" things shrinking them up beyond recognition?

    Sure would like to see those Beef ribs!

  20. Phone Camera, I did not get a chance to take any pictures at the end, everything gone, Kids came and took some to a friend. Everything turned out just right. Moist, tender good color and taste. Good Day everything turned out well. Next time I'll take pictures with my Camera instead of phone

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