Smoking BBQ in Central Mexico

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    Hey folks

    I recently had a double barrel smoker made, it works a charm and i have already ran it a few times with all sorts of beef and prok ribs, and even made a couple christmas turkeys!!
    I have been experimenting with local ingredients and hit a jackpot with different wood and local flavours, smoked peppers and fresh tomatoes and tomatillos for sauce!

    It is a whole different world of BBq here, local pig farms and backyard raised turkeys and chooks, fresh water trout a few hours away and highland grass-fed beef

    I am trying a local hardwood from a fruit tree called "Capulin" and the flavour is out of this planet, like nothing i ever tried before

    I look forward to making a brisket and pulled pork now that the weather is warming up
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    [​IMG]  to SMF!


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