Smoking and Deep frying the turkey for Thanksgiving.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by realbigswede, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. The Thanksgiving dinner I going to smoke a 20 pound turkey and a 15 pound that will be deep fry. Some like me to deep fry a turkey the same as last year but I wanted to smoke one so the will be 2 turkeys' this year first time ever.

    Will post pictures later we will have the dinner on Saturday that is the only time all could come. Except one she and her family are on the Marshall Islands in the pacific ocean about 600 miles away from the Bikini Island.

    In the mean time to all of the Hagge Family to all of you Happy Thanks Giving Day. Eat and be happy. God Bless you all and The USA!
  2. well no pictures I was taking in the Smoked turkey and went to get the Deep-fry one they already hade carved up the Smoked and I went to get the camera they had carved up and start eating them when I cam back . I swear they are worst the timber wolf at feeding time. and with in 1 hour the only thing left was the bones, but the result is in and the Smoked "won" easy. with 6 to 1... so next year I will be ONLY smoked turkey Any yes it was so good. Thanks you for the idea. Ohh BTW  I can't believe they eat 36 pound of turkey that fast.... normal we have a 20-25 pounder well I guess next year we have to buy 2 18-20ponder. Kids!! No no I love them all. even if we missing one family of 4.

    so now I working on a 20 pound ham to smoke for Christmas.... I have definite make my saying if you can eat it you can smoke it. Until next time have a really goo Advent.

    God bless you all and remember the savior is coming in 19 days.

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    Great to hear ou had a great meal!

    A few years back I was going to do the same as you and cook 2 different styles for one meal. Usually we serve our smoked turkey cold at our family gatherings. This particular year I ran into issues and had to smoke the turkey day of. True to how my week was going, the cook had issues. With people showing up and getting restless waiting on the smoked bird, I made a descission to finish cooking in the fryer. Well let's say it was a hit. You had the smoke flavor and the crispy skin. Done it a few times since......

  4. That is a great idea smoked and deep fry in the same time!! Man, I have to try that.
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    It did not suck!!!!!
    Just different and good.....

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