Smoking a store bought ham

Discussion in 'Pork' started by milo, Nov 13, 2015.

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           It weighs only 6 pounds.  I bought it on sale and thought I would give a double smoked ham a shot.  Does anyone have any good words of wisdom?  Said ham will be in the smoker in about 10 hours.  I was thinking apple wood would give it a nice flavor, but I also have mesquite on hand if y'all think that might be better.  All you info is appreciated.

    p.s. I will take some pics cause those rock.

  2. Love double smoked ham. I like to smoke mine at 225 and bring it to an IT of 140 degrees. Think the last one I did took 5-6 hrs. I like to use apple wood as well for my ham smokes, never tried mesquite. Good luck on the smoke and look forward to seeing those pics.
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    I found a nice suggestion of a mixture of honey and dijon mustard on the ham prior to going on the smoker. After a couple of hours, spray with pineapple juice and wrap. After about an hour, unwrap and spray with more pineapple juice and slather with brown sugar, which will make a nice glaze. Very tasty.
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