Smoking a smaller butt.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hodgepodge, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Smoking a smaller Pork Butt. It's approximately 3.5 pounds.



    I'm using some apple, celery, onion, and apple juice in the water pan.


    Hopefully the smaller roast won't take too long. I didn't get started until 10:00 a.m.
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  2. looks good so far
  3. Hit the stall approx. 3 hours in.


    The internal temp was 154 degrees F. Wrapped it in foil and added a some hot water to the water pan. Still smokin'.
  4. flash

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    LOL, I think the first butt I ever did was around 6 lbs. Took over 10 hours. I can turn out an 8 1/2 lber in 9 hours now.

    Good luck.
  5. I wrapped it in foil and went to the store. I got back a little less than 2 hours later and the internal temp was 205 degrees F. I was super tender and very juicy, but there was no bark. The outer most layer was tender and juicy too. I gotta say, I think I like it this way. Unfortunately, a lot more of the outer edges of the Butt were eaten during the pulling process than normal. [​IMG]Here's the final view. It's a little blurry. I'm going to have to work on my photography.

  6. teeznuts

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    Is it done yet???
  7. Ha! Sorry about the delay. Was busy eatin'! I'll have to get my priorities straight. Thanks for viewing!

    Best regards

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    How'd it turn out?
  9. Looks great!  
  10. raptor700

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    Awesome job [​IMG]

  11. Sweet! Good to know I can smoke a butt in under 10 hours lol. Going to have to try a 3 - 4 pounder this weekend. Great job!
  12. teeznuts

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    Good job!
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    "Nice" :)
  14. sqwib

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    Great job and really like your countertop
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    Looks good [​IMG]
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    nice you wish you made a bigger
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  18. roller

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    Just right !!!!Nice job !
  19. [​IMG] Yup! I'll be eating my last sandwich from this batch today. [​IMG]

    I want to smoke more often and smoking smaller portions isn't as expensive. This way I can smoke 2 times for the price of one.
  20. tom c

    tom c Smoking Fanatic

    How long did it take to cook?

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