Smoking a small 2lb brisket.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by xray, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    I'm going to try my hand at smoking brisket today. It's a 2lb flat, it's so small but it's the best I could find.

    The briskette will be rubbed with S/P and smoked with hickory at 220 on my propane smoker.

    I planned on wrapping at 170 in parchment paper and then checking for tenderness once I get closer to 200 IT. Wrapped and rested in a cooler for two hours.

    Here's what I'm wondering now with this lil guy...shoulder I even bother wrapping at all with a brisket this size? I'm guessing good bark formation will not be there since it will be a short cook.
  2. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    I am smoking a 2.5lb brisket today as well. I do small briskets because it is just the two of us. I am going to try parchment paper today but when I used foil the bark was fine. The below brisket was 4 pounds and the bark was fine for me. It was cooked at 230 and foiled at 165.

  3. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    That looks great! I'm thinking about wrapping in parchment when the bark looks good and not by a set IT
  4. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    Rinsed and Rubbed
  5. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    I should have added that I really wanted to order a roll of pink butcher paper but never got around to it. (Texas Style) Parchment paper might not breath as well as the butcher paper but probably better than foil.
  6. I am also doing a small 2lb. flat today, my first brisket. Xray, did you use anything under the S/P rub?
    I'm smoking on a vertical ECB type.
  7. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    I'd like to order a roll as well. Especially if this turns out okay and I decide to smoke more....I found a source that could get me 6-7lb flats for 5$ a lb. that's better than the $9.99 a lb. I paid for this one.
  8. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    I used thick steak sauce. Just enough to bind the rub on. You could use a little olive too or even nothing except the rub.
  9. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    It's been close to 4 hours. IT is 151. The smoker has been steady at 215 degrees.
  10. smokinal

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    Looks like a great start!

  11. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    Tried something different for my wife tonight with our 2lb brisket. She likes Teriyaki flavored beef, so went non-traditional and marinated it overnight instead of injecting. It is for tomorrow but we just tried it after the rest. Extremely tender bending over on itself but the darker color showed no smoke ring but very tasty.

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  12. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    Here's the finished product

    Looks very tasty! How long did yours take to smoke?
  13. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    Well, the brisket was pulled from the smoker at 530. It took 8 hours at 215 for a 2lb flat, is that normal? Here's the Q view:

    The verdict: the brisket was delicious! It tasted a tad salty. Next time I will decrease the salt instead of using 50/50 Kosher salt and cracked black pepper.

    I'm curious to why the thinner part of the flat was more juicy and tender. The thicker end was tender but very dry? Could I have left it in even longer? I assumed the opposite would be true...thicker end juicy and thinner end dry?
  14. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    [quote name="Xray" "]

    Looks very tasty! How long did yours take to smoke?[/quote]

    I cooked a Pork Sirloin and some sausages along with the brisket @230-240 and it too 6-1/2 hours. The stall was long. I pulled it at 203
  15. Quite happy with the results, tasty and reasonably tender. Had some issues with temp. fluctuations in smoker, so finished in the oven.

    Rubbed with Montreal Steak Spice

    Into the ECB type for 4 hr.

    Out of the oven at 192 F

    Not bad


  16. xray

    xray Smoking Fanatic

    Looks real good Canuck!

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