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  1. I picked up a bone in Boston butt today to smoke up in my side by side Yoder I bought a month ago to play around with it to dial in with some cheaper meats. I cant find my binder with recipes and notes :-( , I know to run the heat around 250f for the meat but cant remember if final internal meat temp is 180f or 220f when its ready to pull off and rest... major brain fart its been long time since I've done a Boston butt.

    Keeping it quick and simple with the rub and sauces, using Kinder's  brown sugar BBQ rub, afterwards for Momma using the Kinder's roasted garlic BBQ sauce and my go to the Kinder's BBQ mustard sauce for smoked pulled pork sandwiches ( I haven't been able to find the Old Mule Mustard Sauce locally.....)
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    I would shoot for an IT of 200-205 if your wanting pulled pork. To be honest, I take them long enough where the bone will slide out with little or no resistance. That's the best way. Here is what I'm talking about:

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    Yep, what Andrew said. I usually run the smoker around 225, but 250 is OK too.

  4. Thanks for the replies [​IMG]  I found my recipe binder, my wife put it with her recipe binders[​IMG].

    In the past I've kept the smoker temp between 225-245f to accommodate temperature drift in my old cheap side by side, with the new Yoder I've had only +/- drift of 10 deg in over an hour, with the old smoker the wind could kick up and temp could drop over 50 deg within 10sec.  I take the butt out when the IT hits between 205-210f. 
  5. 5 hrs now, IT 144f. Getting really hungry now but this isn't for dinner tonite.
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    Looks good! Keep the pics coming
  7. I'm over 6 hrs in right now with IT at 151f. I want to finish it off wrapped in foil and I tried once in the past adding a mix of apple juice, apple cider vinegar and some rub for the soak. Came out horrible with the extra salt and cider vinegar. I was reading somewhere on here and cant find it now but they added a cup or so of apple juice only to finish off. Any suggestions / opinions on using apple juice only. I talked to my buddy and he said just add some good beer - Texas style. The butt is getting close to going into the dreaded stall, or the dead zone I call it so any advice appreciated. 
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    I'd recommend that you don't put anything in foil if you wrap. Instead, wait to pull the meat then put finishing sauce on it for added flavor. Wrapping ruins the bark, which is sometimes unavoidable, but additional fluid will only make it soggy and colder. Rendering the connective tissue should make it juicy enough, if you want more complex flavor finishing sauce is the way to go! My humble opinion!
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  9. Thanks bauchjw, I always try to finish out my meat in smoker regardless but this is rare exception, got very late start on the smoker today, tomorrow is a new work day [​IMG]   and unexpectedly had a bunch of things thrown on my plate, my day started off relaxed and went sideways in a blink... I went ahead and added 1.25 cups of apple juice into the foil wrap and put in the oven. I figure apple juice alone is sweet and fruity so cant do much harm. I hope I'm right.....
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    I'm sure it'll be fine! Good luck! Post some pics!

  11. Came out ridiculously good..... very nice smoke and actually could use some salt even though I was heavy on the rub. The nice tub of smoky drippings I'm going to skim the fat and freeze to make some black bean chili later.
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    That looks good. Im putting in a butt tomorrow.

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