Smoking a Brisket... few questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jtyler48, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. jtyler48

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    Hey everyone, 

    I'm going to be smoking a brisket for this weekend but had a few questions...

    A. Due to the cooking time the best time for me to smoke it is going to be Saturday. I didn't plan to be serving it until Sunday and Monday. What is the best course of action for me to take to make sure it still tastes just as good a day or 2 later?

    B. I've read that the smoke penetrates the meat in the first 4-5 hours, after that what is the difference in finishing it in the smoker, or putting it in the oven if temp is going to be 225? I have a Smoke n Grill which isn't the greatest, but it does the job for me. The briskets and pork butts I've smoked in the past have turned out pretty well. I'm just looking to improve them each time I smoke. 

    I seem to see conflicting answers on what is better... smoking the brisket with the fat still on it or trimming it off? If its on fat side up or down? I've usually done fat side up to allow it to drip through the meat, just wondering what you guys think. 

    Thanks in advance guys. 

    Happy Smoking on the last holiday weekend of summer!
  2. You should be able to hold it for two days and reheat when ready to serve.  I would reheat in the oven....covered with a small amount of broth in it to moisten it back up.

    I don't buy into that 4 hour thing.  The meat will pick up smoke as long as you apply it in my opinion.  Maybe not as much as the first 4 but definitely will.

    I always trim mine down a wee bit but still leave the fat on.  Up or down is a matter of preference and I don't believe it makes too much difference.  I always smoke fat up.   People that smoke fat down seem to think the fat will "shield" the meat from heat and thus not dry it out.......can of worms really.

  3. jtyler48

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    Kind of what I was thinking.

    Thanks Scott! 

    After its done, do you still recommend wrapping and putting it in a cooler for a couple of hours? Would you cut it when its done or would you keep it as a slab until just before serving?
  4. knifebld

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    Really sucks that you can't smoke it and serve after its rest...personally having paid over 80$ for my brisket last week...there is no way I would have reheated it. I would do it with a pork butt...but brisket is more expensive and IMHO does not taste the same the next day.
  5. I agree with this sentiment as well.....but if you have to.  I would rest it for the hour.....then probably slice it and VAC seal it if you have one.  When reheating you could still use some broth to heat it in to make it juicy. 

    Serving when done and rested though IS the way to go though if possible.

  6. lemans

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    Everyone has there own way..Here is mine;

      Brisket trimmed down to like 1/2 inch fat cap. the nite before inject with beef stock. Next morning apply a thin layer of mustard and Worcestershire, Sprinkle on your rum ( Jeffs texas rub is great) or Salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic.

    (now here is where im going to get beaten up) I put my the brisket in a pan fat side down and add a cup of beef stock and onto the smoker at 250.. after 4 hours I start spritzing with a water bottle of Dr Pepper. On the grill til 205 out of the pan and wrapped in aluminum foil .Placed in the cooler wrapped in towels 2 hours. Take out and save the juice.. Slice like 1/4 inch thick. after the drippings have settled ,take off the fat and pour the au jus with 1/4 worcestershire over the meat  enjoy
  7. jtyler48

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    I may be able to smoke and serve in the same day... all depends on the weather and timing of it. I just wanted to know the best way to re-heat if that's what it came down to doing. 

    I've never injected a brisket or a pork butt; always applied a rub the night before. Who prefers what?

    Twice I used a beer mop which tasted pretty good, the other 2-3 times I didn't and the brisket still tasted great. Not sure which way is generally better?

    Usually my rub usually has:


    Fresh Ground Black Pepper

    Kosher Salt

    Anchero Chili Powder

    Brown Sugar

    Garlic Powder

    A little cayanne pepper

    Anything else you guys recommend using? 
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  8. knifebld

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    I will inject, then marinate overnight, then dust with kosher salt and black pepper...toss in on the foiling time (yes I do foil) I sprinkle some rub...and voila!
  9. oldschoolbbq

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    Jtyler  , welcome. I agree with the others and Scott . Leave it in till  'prodding' tender . The smoke is what you're after and 4hrs. (IMHO) is just not enough to smoke.

    I t IS better after a 2hr. rest , but can be 'wrapped and vacuumed ' and placed in boiling H2O .  Scott had the oven idea and will probably be best , however , cold Brisky is good too , it's just good 'ANYWAY you want'

    Just take your time with it , Low and Slow , let it have a good Sauna in your Smoker [​IMG]

    And as you Smoke . . .
  10. simoon

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    Minor thread hijack.

    I have a related question.

    I am also going to smoke a brisket for Monday, to be ready at about 4:00 PM. I am planning on about a 5-6 pound brisket at about 220 degrees.

    So, the question is, approximately what time do I need to get it on the smoker in the morning to be done at 4:00 (including rest time)?

    I figure it needs to be off the smoker by about 2:30 to be wrapped and put in a cooler, so I am guessing it needs to be on the smoker at about 7:00 AM. Does that sound about right?

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  11. You aren't going to like my answer BUT.........

    At 220F you are looking at 2 hours per pound or more (why such a low temp?)  I do my Briskets at 250F.   Anyway at 2 hours a pound you need to get it on about the AM for the 12 hour smoke you are gonna have.

  12. bear55

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    I smoke mine at 235 and usually average 1 hour per pound plus a couple of hours.

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