Smoking a Bourbon Chuck Roast and Pork Loin today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by silverhorn43, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Couldn't resist Jeff Bourbon Smoked Chuck recipe so it's going on the WSM with a Pork Loin next to it.  First time trying both these cuts of meat, have done LOTS of ribs, a turkey and a ham.  Been itching to move up to the longer smokes. 

    Put them on about 8am this morning and tried the snake method for setting up the coals for the first time.  I've always used the Minion Method and had trouble getting my temps up and stabilized but after a little coaxing, got it to 225 and tossed the goodies on the rack.

    My Chuck Roast (I used Jim Beam HardApple Cider Bourbon)

    Pork Loin

    Getting Happy!!!

    I'll post results in about 8-10 hours

    Happy Smokin'
  2. OK, so I kinda missed my 10 hour posting mark, but I had hungry people to tend to. 

    So the Bourbon Chuck Roast didn't come out as wonderful as I hoped. Not sure if it was my injection marinade (only change from Jeff's recipe was the Apple HardCider) or the rub.  I've never injected, nor use Worcestershire for anything in the past so not sure of what that flavor profile is like.  Just had an "off" taste that I, or the others, didn't like too much.  It WAS Good, just not a favorite.  Wife is thinking add some Cumin to it and it would make AWESOME Fajita's. 

    The pork loin on the other hand was absolutely delicious, ESPECIALLY on Sunday after it'd sat around for a day. 

    Had a lot of trouble keeping temp up on my WSM, which really surprised me.  I attempted the snake method for my coal, which was a disaster, it took off on me and eventually lit up the entire pile, so I went with it and it became a Minion pile. [​IMG]LOL   I couldn't get the smokier above 200, so I kept trying to get more coals lit, and I'm sure that was my downfall.  It is a great long smoke method, so I'm not giving up on it, just need to keep smoking. 

    I also had bought and installed new door from Cajun Bandit as the one that came with mine was pretty beat up,and it worked well, along with a gasket kit.  

    This was only my 2nd smoke with the WSM, so I'll get the hang of it pretty soon.  Not like I need an excuse to use it, just time.  LOL

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