Smok'in two boston butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokymike, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I just could not stand it any more. I guess I was getting cabin fever or should I say Smoke Fever! All week long I was dreaming about firing up the smoker and getting busy! I'm using home made mop sauce, BBQ and rub! I am logging my progress with some nice pics to post soon with a full report!
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    [​IMG][​IMG]  for the results
  3. smokymike

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    7lb and 8lb butts! Pretty good price $1.59 lb. Had to trim quite abit of fat off the big one.


    Rubbed down with yellow mustard and then it's spice time!


    I'm using the basic BBQ rub right out of Steven Raichlen "The Complete Illustrated Book Of Barbecue Techniques" Thats a great book that I go to quite often.


    My old trusty Brinkman Smoker Grill. This grill is about 20yrs old and still getting the job done.


    Butts on the rack ready to smoke!


    The fire getting kicked off with some charcoal and pecan wood. I also mixed in alittle oak. Love the smell of that smoke!


    Butts on and a nice thin blue smoke coming out of the pipe!


    Kept the temp in the range of 225 to 275. It spiked at the beginning but settled down after about 45mins or so. After 4 hrs I put the meat thermo in and was at 145. I kept the butts going for another 3 hrs. I then took them inside and wrapped them in foil and put them in the oven at 350 deg for about 45 mins. When the temp reached 195 deg by the thermo I took them out to rest for an hour.


    Mop sauce from the same book. I mopped the butts 4 times.


    Here is a tasty BBQ sauce. This is the basic BBQ sauce from the same book. I had two sauces on the table, this one and a store bought one Dreamlands BBQ. My brother in law said the homemade was much better I had to agree with him. Nice and tasty on the the pork.


    Sides of potato salad and beans smoked in the smoker for about a hr. Recipe for the beans: 1 big can and a small can of bush original beans, about a cup pace pacante sauce about a cup of brown sugar and a quirt of mustard and 3 slices of cooked chopped up bacon.


    Here is whats left of one of the Butts. The other is going to the freezer for the Super Bowl Party! Thanks for checking this out, I had a blast and enjoyed every bit of the day!
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    Looks great..  Glad to see your saving the rest to watch the Patriots game.
  5. Everything looks mouthwatering!
  6. sprky

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  7. Nothing beats home made sauce and rubs. Iv not tried the dreamland bbq sauce even though there is one here montgomery.
  8. rdknb

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    Looks very good, made me hungry lol. well done
  9. raptor700

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    That's some of the best pork I've seen!!!!

    You did a fantastic job [​IMG]

  10. smokinal

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    Awesome job! The PP looks absolutely delicious!

    Looks like a great meal you put together!
  11. scarbelly

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    Looks mighty tasty - great job
  12. smokymike

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     My wife bought the Dreamland BBQ home and still wont tell me what she paid for it, so it must of been pretty expensive for BBQ sauce. I gave it a taste it was so so. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gain when you do all the cooking using all homemade sauces, rubs, and sides. 
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    Can you post the BBQ sauce recipe?  It looks good.

  14. I think the one quart bottle is like 7 or 8 dollars. I dont think iv used store bought sauce in a long time with the exception of a sauce my wifes family sent us from HI.
  15. chef jimmyj

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    I have to agree...Making your own recipe is the best...JJ
  16. smokymike

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    Basic BBQ sauce.

    2 cups ketchup

    1/4 cup cider vinegar

    1/4 cup worcestershire sauce

    1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

    2 tbl molasses

    2 tbl prepared mustard

    1 tbl tabasco sauce

    1 tbl BBQ rub

    2 tsp liquid smoke

    1/2 tsp black pepper

    Bring all ingredients to a slow boil over medium high heat. Reduce the heat to mdium and gently simmer the sauce until dark and thick 10 to 15 min. Transfer the sauce to a clean sterile jar. Keeps for a month or so.

    With this great basic sauce u can experiment and make it your own. 
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  17. tyotrain

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    Man O Man you have some great looking Q there... bet it was tasty... Have fun and Happy smoking
  18. how much fuel did you use and how hard was it controlling temps. I have that very smoker but have never used it to smoke. I use my vertical new braunfels. Nice looking meat by the way
  19. frosty

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    Nice job!  Looks great, and I bet it tasted delicious. The Brinkman looks like it was well worth the investment.  20 Years old and going strong. [​IMG]
  20. realtorterry

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    Great looking meal!!!

    Whats with all the ash in the main chamber?

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