smokin pork butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lawdawg72, May 18, 2015.

  1. Man I'm living the life. Smokin pork butts, just pulled one off and wrapped it in foil and put it back on the smoker. Waiting for that temp to rise.
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    I just did an 8 pounder yesterday.

    Today it tastes even better.

  3. Just got two done got six more to do before Thursday.
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  5. Here are the pic RMMurrary
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  6. Just put two more in the smoker .
  7. I bet it does taste better on the second day tumbleweed.
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  8. I love to smoke just haven't had a whole lot of time to do it. I took the week off and im smoking butts for my daughter's graduation.
  9. tumbleweed1

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    What kind of rub did you use? How 'bout the wood? I see you're in Georgia- pecan, maybe?

    I just brought the last of what I did Sunday to work for lunch today. It disappears fast when we eat every single meal (at home & work) off of it until it's gone. SO good, though. I truly believe there is MORE flavor by days 2 & 3.

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  10. I got one of the recipes that was on the fourm. It turned out really well. We're not going to eat these pork butts until Thursday so they should be really seasoned because of it sitting in the refrigerator.
  11. tumbleweed1

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    It should definitely be good!
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    Nice Butts , and you're like me , I really enjoy my Butt .

    Have fun and . .
  13. Ha Ha too funny
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    Good job lawdawg! Sorry I'm late, work was busy today.
  15. No problem I certainly understand. Thanks
  16. Just finished the last of eight
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    Howdy All.  Semi new to the forum. Had my electric smoker for about 6 months now and love it.  Trying pork tomorrow for the family for some pulled pork.  I purchased a bone-in 6 lb butt, keep reading 1 hour for 1 lb, is that correct?  I also ready smoke to 140 -160 then pull out and put back in wrapped in foil until 195.  How long does it take to get to the point where I pull it out to wrap it?

    Thanks guys!
  18. goensouth

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    Pork buts have a mind of their own. Some the same size take longer but I would guess around the 6 hour mark if you are smoking at 230* It's always a good idea to allow plenty of extra time when smoking butt if it gets done early it will stay hot several hours in a small cooler wrapped in foil and a few towels.

    Happy Smoking

  19. smokin-q

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    Put it in early, I have had them take 3 hours per pound. No need to foil, take it to internal temp of around 203* or when the bone gets very loose. IMHO, better bark without foiling.
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  20. Great looking butts.

    And yes, I think many around this forum find the smoke flavor settles in nicely the second day. I once did a large smoke for a birthday party and did a large brisket the day before since I did a ton of ribs the day of. Reheated the brisket for the birthday and it was the best ever.

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