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  1. I don't want any of you guys to think anything dirty, but my wife has prepared and is now smoking meat loaf on the Yoder pellet smoker. She also has put on a batch of poblano peppers some of which she stuffed with mozzarella cheese and a big potato for baking. I posted her recipe a little while ago. This time there is six pounds of meat - 3 lbs 90 per cent lean beef, 1 lb. of ground pork, 1 lb. of ground chicken, and 1 lb. of ground turkey. 

    This time she has loaded it up with spinach and mozzarella and put in a lot more spice especially heat. She set the smoker for 250 and its just humming along. Right now, the internal temperature is 122. I am really glad that she has taken an interest and is learning how to do this herself. She better learn because after I have that hip replacement, she is going to have to carry on. 

    That pellet smoker is going to be absolutely fantastic when the football season starts. All I do is glance at the Maverick to see how it is tracking. Never have to touch a thing. Great stuff. 

    [font=verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Here's a video recap.[/font]

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    When you get tired of your Wife... send her this way. Hooray those Smoke Lovin' Ladies. [​IMG]
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