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  1. jbarjmx

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    I am trying to find a decent remote thermometer that will tell me the temperatre of the cooking meat and the oven temperature. Bought a dual Maverick and it is totally unreliable. Can't find a decent substitute and need sugestions. Reliability is more important than price!
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    I moved your post from Roll Call to Messages for All Guests and Members so you will get more responses 

    I have both the 73 and 732 models and both work great for me but I have pretty ideal conditions at my house. You might contact Todd at AMAZEN SMOKERS here on the site as he is also a Maverick dealer and may have some ideas for you 
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    What is the therm doing or not doing that makes it unreliable ????? Have you check the calibration using ice and boiling water ???

    Help us help you on your problem.....Dave
  4. If you have a problem with a Maverick dual probe give them a call at 1-800-526-0954. Their customer service is excellent and they may replace your unit for free. Anyone i have been around that bbq's meat thinks that Maverick products set the gold standard in pit and meat thermometers at a reasonable price. I love both my Et 73 and Et 732 thermometers. [​IMG]
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    what he said... i have, and many others have used the mavericks with the best of luck. i would check the calibration like Dave said, if for some reason is off you may have a defective probe or something. but the only way you can determine that is to test probes with a known. and that be boiling water. if for some reason you dont get the same temp on both probes in the boiling water, swap the plugs side to side and see if the off temp follows a probe. if so then you more than likely have a defective probe. if neither one reads around 211 then you may have a rare defective unit or is it set on centigrade?

    dont have enough info to go any further to try and assist you.

    i recently bought a ET-732 from Todd and it basically is a ET-73 refined. better antenna system for the wireless, memory of temp setting when shut down, and exterior weatherproof on/off switch. Awesome unit in my book and for the price and what it does i see nothing out there that compares.

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