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  1. Aluminum smokers how safe are they? I have two containers that are six feet high and three feet wide three feet deep they are old bakery storage containers.They have racks in them stainlee steel ,But they are aluminium and not insulated.My question is if I use this as a smoker will their be a problem with the aluminium when the smoker heats up?I have two units and am going to use the one for cold smoking.I'ts the hot smoking I am concerned with .Help please thanks
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    I think there are quite afew of em made outta AL??? Lil Chief I believe is one. Gotta remember we wrap our meat in AL foil and throwem in the smoker. Heck sometimes we even wrap chips up and throw it on the fire for smoke.

    Al is fine, treated steel is what you want to look out for, Galvanized[​IMG] .

    There are several discussions on this matter in the archives, use the search button. Pretty interesting stuff indeed.
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    I have one of those small buildings you see along side of the road maintenance people use and it's made of alum. and it works great. Will hole tons of meat I use for deer season. I use this as a cold and hot smoker. Haven't had any problem at all. I added a fire box on the outside and used a 4" pipe to connect them. Fire box and pipe are carbon steel.

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    Aluminium is fine.......The little chif and big cheif are made from al............I would like to get one of those bakery racks to make a smoker out of it...............I have been eying one we have at work................

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