Smoker quit on me :( Is meat ruined?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by stygshore, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. I put a 9 lb pork shoulder in last night expecting to wake up and wrap it to finish off the cooking this morning.  to my horror... the smoker quit on me some time during the night.  The Amazn was still puffing away, but the meat was only sitting at 89 degrees.

    Is this meat ruined?  Should I even bother trying to finish the cook, or just throw it out and then try and troubleshoot my smoker issues?

  2. gunkle

    gunkle Meat Mopper

    If it spent more then 4 hrs on the smoker I would say dont take the chance.
  3. It happens, best thing to do chunk it, find out why your smoker quit, get that problem solved and try again.

    I know its tough to throw out a chunk of meat, but I wouldn't chance it

  4. chuck it, chalk it up to experience... maybe wireless thermometer? that's what I use with alarms set if it goes too high or low to alert me.

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